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  1. Only Sin and Jam
  2. Kinda back! Susanoo' and random Chibi Naoto templates:
  3. they're 3D, so thats impossible unless you mean the icons in character select
  5. Hmm didnt work for Xrd Revelator, but I'm sure it wont take a lot of work to get around this right?
  6. A bunch of optimized and useful routes for CF Ragna: Will transcript later to the combo thread, but they're easy enough to understand only by watching tbh.
  7. Sup @DarkSSJShinji, good to see you're back and with plenty of good stuff! :D And nice work everyone. @Blade when I have time I can do Susanooh colors but dont hold your breath, he's pretty complex and the result probably wont look good. But I can try... Anyways, if there's anything missing on the OP let me knowing!
  8. Rachel Nine swaps look great, nice work! Also, Mai's .PSD:
  9. blazblue

    Good stuff @SirRouzel, now I can start doing HD recolors! :D Thanks for everything!
  10. Yes there is one:
  11. Well here's my .PSD in case you or anyone needs it:
  12. Depends on the height and position... something like j.AAA> DID is the safest combo to go. j.A> j.C (JC)> (j.C)> j.D> NE is probably the most damaging and best oki option off that situation, and if you have meter you can RC NE into stuff> CS or OD CS for a round/match ender combo.
  13. Good stuff @Zaiaku, but coindentally I had already finished an Es' template the day before you posted haha. But nice stuff, I miss the CS portraits and that Nu looks amazing. Also bunch of requests, sorry again for the huge delay: Elphelt Naoto Naoto 2 Terumi Ragna
  14. Yes, there's her CSE portrait .PSD