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  1. Sure, here it is:
  2. Either on the first post or the latest pages, I havent really updated the first post in a while lol But feel free to ask!
  3. Ok, taking on requests from this page, if yours is not here then it's because I dont have the .PSD for them. Hazama Azrael Nu Nu 2 Nu 3
  4. Phew, been extremely busy lately but hey I'm bringing my latest .PSDs! Xrd Baiken Enkidu
  5. This is very nice! What program did you use to edit the moves individually? I'd love to give CF Ragna some stuff, like Belial Edge.
  6. already had it done, so there it is
  7. [CF] Ragna Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    More random stuff I guess, DS> 5C> j.C> j.D> GH routes into DID punch And a little useful OS vs wakeup options (read the description!)
  8. Oh hey, it's been forever since I last posted here, so yea I made a bunch of Naoto videos...
  9. Only Sin and Jam
  10. Kinda back! Susanoo' and random Chibi Naoto templates:
  11. GGXrd Arcade Profile Site Rip

    they're 3D, so thats impossible unless you mean the icons in character select
  12. GGXrd Arcade Profile Site Rip

  13. Xrd PC Hitbox overlay mod

    Hmm didnt work for Xrd Revelator, but I'm sure it wont take a lot of work to get around this right?