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  1. First post has been finally updated (after a thousand years).
  2. Im kinda just doing whatever I like the most, so requests could be hard at the moment. And thanks!
  3. Yea, sadly I dont have it saved. Also, BBTAG .PSDs! Starting with the protags, then might do others ones... who knows!
  4. Tong

    BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Yea I saw those, but they're from the site. Not hi-res enough.
  5. Tong

    BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Any news regarding BBTAG rips, to be more specific, artwork rips? I want to do recolors again and the site images just arent good enough for my work. Appreciated!
  6. Sorry for the downtime, guys. Been terribly busy with other projects, so I can't take on brand new requests right now, at least not in time to deliver in a reasonable time. Sure there you go:
  7. CT Ragna .PSD http://www.mediafire.com/view/vmpphpd8z2dnfdx/RagnaCT.psd CF Hazama .PSD http://www.mediafire.com/view/yc5keo0y4auwvtq/hazamacf.psd
  8. Pretty sure it should be around these hundred pages, but hey I just happen to have a link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/183324flf8ikbkk/azraelbbcf.psd And finally, here's Jubei!
  9. Gotcha, just go to the "Paths" tab, right after "Layers" and "Channels". Those are older versions anyway, so I have re-uploaded them with proper layers and higher resolution http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmqcdabtk91ipmw/IzayoiCP.psd http://www.mediafire.com/file/o9yk16d16y6r74o/NoelCP(1).psd
  10. Cant see why this is the case, they definitely can be colored. Send me a screenshot from your Photoshop screen. I'm sure they all use the same layer/gradient system to be recolored.
  11. I'll do Jubei eventually, will try to get it done by this week but no promises!
  12. Nope, not for him. When I have time sure, right now I'm focusing on other things. Sure
  13. Tong

    BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Passing by to say I could extract them all using winRAR.
  14. Heh funny, actually someone long ago has requested me the exact the same thing, so there you go:
  15. Tong

    [CF] Ragna Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    Alright just posting some basic stuff for 2.0 Ragna, a relatively short BnB video (nothing special really) and an oki sorta idea thing using the new bounce effect on NE (has potential!)