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  1. sdmdx

    sup brah, good shit with luna

  2. welcome to the club, buktooth loops awl dei. the only reason i dont use doom often is becaus i love the ammy assist way more than a beam assist

  3. I actually don't like Magneto. I just liked his assist. I tried out Dr.Doom today and he was fun, plus his assist is better. So I will probably trade Magneto for him.

  4. i don't know if you're looking for tips in marvel but i'll give my input anyway, i'm really only afraid of wesker, when you have trish or magneto out i'm just like whatever but when wesker's out im just like shit, even if i hit him he has 1.1 million health and i cant do my TOD combos online. you may really like magneto but i don't really think he's working for you, but you're just starting out so whatever

  5. i get lucky in player matches. i've mostly found pretty good players, its luck of the draw i guess lmao

  6. How can you netplay on marvel? I thought I was horrible at the game but everyone i ran into today was way worse. They all did random supers and x-factors and sent me hate mail after the match. What is the secret to finding good opponents?

  7. and i highly suggest learning taskmaster even though he doesn't really work too well with trish, just because taskmaster is that great. so simple yet so effective

  8. wesker is definitely a great choice for trish, samurai edge otg assist for good damage. trish in my opinion is more of a support character but thats just me. magneto isn't a bad choice for the third, solid beam assist but he's kinda squishy. doctor doom is gonna be sick in umvc3 so if you're still open to making decisions i'd reccomend him for sure. wesker trish dante is a mad solid team, try it out. wesker samurai edge, trish low voltage, and dante jam session would be the best assists there

  9. Right now it is Trish, Wesker and Magneto. Trish was really fun so I wanted a team with her. I am still experimenting which other characters work well with Trish.

  10. add crosszero_ on psn. ill play you if i ever catch you online. What's your team? i play zero dante ammy right now, its a damn dirty team even without dhc glitch

  11. That sucks. I just started playing Marvel and was hoping you could whoop my butt a few times so I know what I should practice.

  12. i switched over to an alt but i don't have much time for fighters right now and when i do play its always marvel

  13. Have you stopped netplaying?

  14. sdmdx


    How should jin play the litchi matchup, I feel that I really don't know how I should play against her as jin.