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  1. lolokoa

    [P4U2] Video Posting Thread

    some local match vids https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtawjgkYj05v1g6ZXLORYISnd6rns2bPL Feat : Minazuki | Misturu | / Chie | Yosuke | Elizabeth | Narukami | Naoto | / Kanji | Margaret | Yukiko | Ken | Yukari
  2. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

    I'll try to edit / adding some values throughout this week If you see an error pls do tell I'll edit it right away AnnelFrank- Day 1 Practical Combos -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJkUv1mftfY&feature=youtu.be Japanese Console BnBs -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdg0p-MMB_s Normal Aigis 2A/5AxN > 5B > 2AB 5AAAA > j.66> j.2B [+19SP, 1089dmg] 5AAAA > j.66> j.2B> j.B > 66> 5B > jc> j.A > j.B > j.2B [+25SP, 1623dmg] Mode Change Midscreen -Normal>Orgia Corner -Normal>Orgia Midcreen Orgia->Normal Orgia Mode Combos Midscreen-Orgia Corner-Orgia Throw Starter D-Shield Super Ender http://youtu.be/mqNUds3HeG8 Normal Aigis-Midscreen Midscreen-Orgia D Shield Ender Corner-Orgia D Shield Ender Fatal Mortar Loop - http://youtu.be/HTu1wv6xHY0 Orgia-Corner Orgia -Near Corner
  3. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

    D-Shield Ender Routes http://youtu.be/mqNUds3HeG8 More mortar loops combos lol http://youtu.be/HTu1wv6xHY0
  4. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

    Yeah sorry I got mix up I mean j.214B lol
  5. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

    Either works since your gonna cancel j.214a before it actually hits You won't super cancel accidentally if done properly
  6. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Combo Thread

    transcripts 0:01-5AAAA>j.66>j.2B 0:06-5AAAA>j.66>j.2B>j.B>66>5B>jc>j.A>j.B>j.2B 0:13-5AAAA>j.66>j.2B>j.B>5B>2C>22B>236D-2245dmg 0:22-AoA~C>j.66>j.A>j.B>j.2B>2A>5B>2C>22B>236D -3431dmg 0:33-AoA~D>22A>2B(N)>jc>j.C(2)>[j.214B>j.2AC]x3>j.2AC>jc>j.C(2)>236D-4208dmg Corner 0:43-[O] j.B>5AAAA>236D,2B>jc>j.A>j.B>j.2B-2170dmg 0:52-[O] 2AB>j.B>5AAAA>236D>2B(2)>jc>j.A>j.B>j.2B-2769dmg 1:01-[O] j.B>5AAAAA>j.AB>j.C(2)>236D -2738dmg 1:10-[O] 2AB>j.B>5AAAAA>j.AB>j.C(2)>236D-3317dmg 1:19-[o] j.B>5AAAAA>j.AB>j.214A>j.AC>j.C(2)>236D -3015dmg 1:30-[o] j.B>5AAAAA>J.AB>[j.214A>j.AC]x2>j.C(2)>236D-3216dmg 1:40-[o] 2AB>j.B>5AAAAA>j.AB>[j.214A>j.AC]x2>j.C(2)>236D-3795dmg 1:52-[o] j.B>5AA>jc>j.C(2)>j.236CD>214A>j.B>j.B>j.C(2)>j.236D -3627dmg 2:01-[o] 2AB>j.B>j.A>5B>j.C(2)>j.236CD>214A>j.B>j.B>j.C(2)>j.236D -4360dmg 2:11-[o] j.B>2A>236C>22A>66>5AAAA>j.66>j.2B -2224dmg 2:20-[o] 2AB>j.B>2A>236C>22A>66>5AAAA>j.66>j.2B-2803dmg 2:29-[o] j.C(1)>5B>236C>22A>66>5AAAA>j.66>j.2B -2461dmg 2:38-[o] j.B>5AA>jc>j.C(2)>j.236CD>214A>5C>j.C(2)>j.2AC>j.C(2)>j.236D -4064dmg 2:51-[o] j.B>5AA>j.236CD>214A>j.C(2)>j.236D>j.236A>236236C -4400dmg 3:02-[o] 2AB>j.B>2A>5C>j.C(2)>j.236CD>j.214A>j.2AC>j.2B>2B(1)>j.B>j.C(2)>land>hj.C(2)>j.236D-4839dmg 3:13-[o] j.C(1)>5B>236CD>214A>5C>j.C(2)>j.2AC>j.C(2)>j.236D -4160dmg 3:25-[o] j.B>j.C(1)>5C>hj.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>j.214A>j.2AC>j.236CD>j.C(2)>j.236D -4515dmg 3:35-[o] 2AB>j.B>2A>2B(2)>hj.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>j.214A>j.2AC>j.236CD>214A>j.C(2)>j.236D-5121dmg 3:48-[o] j.C(1)>5B>hj.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>j.214A>j.2AC>j.236CD>214A>j.C(2)>j.236D-4612dmg 4:00-[o] j.B>5AA>jc>j.C(2)>j.236CD>214A>j.C(2)>j.236D>214AB>214214C -5016dmg 4:12-[o] 2AB>j.B>2A>5C>j.C(2)>j.236CD>j.214A>j.2AC>j.2B>2B(2)>5B>j.B>j.C(2)>j.236D>214A>214214C -6047dmg 4:25-[o] j.B>2A>5B>5C>j.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>j.214A>j.2AC>j.C(2)>j.236CD>jc>214A>236D -4727dmg corner 4:36-[o] j.B>2A>5C>2B>hj.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>[j.214A>j.2AC]x2>j.236CD>214A>j.C(2)>j.236D -5234dmg 4:47-[o] 2AB>j.B>2A>5C>j.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>j.214A>j.2AC>j.C(2)>j.236CD>214A>236D -5436dmg 5:00-[o] 2AB>j.B>2A>5C>hj.C(2)>j.214AB>j.2AC>[j.214A>j.2AC]x2>j.236CD>214A>j.C(2)>j.236D -5751dmg 5:12-[o] 5CD>2366C>22A>2B(2)>j.A(1)>j.B>j.2B -2040dmg 5:20-[o] j.CD>j.214B>j.AB>j.C(2)>j.236D -2583dmg 5:29-[o] j.CD>j.214B>j.AB>j.214A>j.2AC>j.C(2)>j.236D -2876dmg might contain some error, will double check later I'll try put these on the video as annotation sometime this week
  7. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    Solution to Challenge 25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9fu8aZ5X0c http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24361570 BnBs and Mortar loops Routes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdg0p-MMB_s http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24363600 Orgia MIx-up/Oki/Safeboost Set-ups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_lzDl6_Y1k http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24351327
  8. lolokoa

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    JP PSN Store page http://www.jp.playstation.com/software/title/jp0005npjb00599_00p4u2000000000000.html 6980 yen w/ Tax heard it up for pre-order and has wooping 13GB of filesize someone need to check the JP Store on ps3 to verify the filesize EDIT: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/ja-jp/cid=JP0005-NPJB00599_00-P4U2PREORDER0000?EMCID=jGMpsstoretwitter_20140813_02 yep 13GB also based on my limited moonspeak understanding pre-puchase is only allowed on Aug 13-Aug 24? and it will auto-download by noon of 24?...I think
  9. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    3/9/14 Acho- p4u2 3on3 Teddie Vs Aigis Teddie Vs Aigis -> SB Shield>OMC can be use as a mix-up tool albeit costing 125 meter Teddie Vs Aigis Chie Vs Aigis Chie Vs Aigis
  10. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    2/19/14- 9th Acho After Tourney Casual Aigis Vs Yosuke Aigis Vs Naoto Aigis Vs Mitsuru Aigis Vs Teddie Aigis Vs Normal Sho Aigis Vs Junpei Aigis Vs Narukami Aigis Vs Sho w/ Persona Aigis Vs Shadow Labrys(w/ bull) Aigis Vs Shadow Labrys(w/ bull) Aigis Vs Shadow Labrys(w/ bull) Not posted here yet Air mortar Loops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IkgJJyygoQ&feature=youtu.be
  11. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    【GIGAMAC博多】 1-24-14 Narukami Vs Aigis Aigis Vs Yosuke Sho w/ Persona VS Aigis Aigis VS Akihiko P4U2 1/19/2014 MAXIM HERO Red VS White Shadown Yukiko Vs Aigis Mitsuru Vs Aigis P4U2 1/25/2014 Miraimu Aoyama Singles Tournament Akihiko Vs Aigis(nagi) Aigis(nagi) Vs Akihiko Yosuke Vs Aigis(nagi) P4U2 1/25/2014 Miraimu Aoyama Red VS White Nagi (Aigis) VS MSR (Akihiko) P4U2 2/1/2014 Gunso (Aigis) VS Shiozawa (Sho) Gunso (Aigis) VS Shiozawa (Sho) Kameten (Yosuke) VS Gunso (Aigis) P4U2 2/8/2014 Miraimu Aoyama Nagi (Aigis) VS MSR (Akihiko) Sasajima Random 2on2 Naoto Vs Aigis Aigis Vs Labyrs
  12. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    P4U2 1/26/2014 CW Ishibashi Tournament Aigis Vs Chie Aigis Vs Narukami Aigis Vs Kanji
  13. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    Pretty long sets of Mirror Matches w/ 3 Aigis Players I think just gonna timestamps when they change players Aigis Mirror 1 Aigis Mirror 2 Aigis Mirror 3 Aigis Mirror 4 Aigis Mirror 5 Aigis Combos By: Kagikou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YwqwWp-04s a-cho P4U2 第3回関西ショートランバト(2014.1.8) Aigis Vs Narukami Aigis Vs Narukami Aigis Mirror Aigis Vs Sho(w/persona) Aigis Vs Yosuke Aigis Vs Kanji Aigis Vs Narukami Aigis Mirror
  14. lolokoa

    [P4AU] Aigis Video Thread(Updated 7/9/2014)

    4回 a-cho P4U2 2014.1.15 Yamashita vs Gurupo Pretty long sets Mitsuru Vs Aigis Narukami Vs Aigis Narukami Vs Aigis Mitsuru Vs Aigis