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  1. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    I would say Testies, the god of the meta-range game would be one. Especially with his broke forward EXE and nice range. Although he has kinda bad recovery on alot of his attacks or they are active for too long so you can usually punish him for it. Also don't pure zone I-no. Cuz if you aren't keeping her in check she's forcing shit down your throat. Although there mayn opportunities where using zoning moves like 6S and 2S can be great against I-no, especially when she note summons or HCL/VCL.
  2. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    Haven't been around much cuz of SSF4, but Jais is it wrong to assume you use Cody? Just wondering cuz I use him and Ibuki ^_^
  3. Thanks. I'll add to the posts as soon as i get a chance to try some stuff out in training. I haven't had a chance to play in a couple of weeks =/ But thanks nonetheless ^_^

  4. good thread man, also to add, razor bear, takes out note midscreen, and running away and j.s prevetns i-no from blindly running at you for an air throw.

  5. just type it, and then send it to him on dustloop for him to proofread, u need his approval so he can attach it to i-no's thread and baiken's. also to make sure everythjing adds up to his experinces also, because he is the most well known bridget player in all the u.s and also the most tournament experinced.

  6. Totally. We need to get guides up for the bridget forums...cuz everyone else has them lol. I'll see when i have time to start drafting one up. Although, how should i go about drafting it for jais? Should i just post the guide in a thread or do i send him a word document type thing?

  7. im glad u like the guide =)....but yea all the missing blanks on the bridget match-up guide it be really kool if we could help jais out with them, if u make one for i-no an baiken just run it through jais first so he can proofread and then give u the okay, the baiken one i really would be interested in reading.im going to make a millia rage one, next =/ although i rarel win fighting the guy that play millia in my community.

  8. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    Axl is a strange one...his hit box is where i wish there was a program to be able to see the hitboxes. I feel that because of his extended hitbox on his range attacks, the creators gave him a stupid slender and often low hit box.
  9. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    If i hit with a 3p as a non-counter, i usually just do a 4set to recover and then its pretty much react to what my opponent does.
  10. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    Oh yeah of course. KD is a staple in most character's gameplan. Which brings out another question: Is there an ending or set-up that goes from Bridget's BnB to a knockdown?
  11. Ohhhh lol. Never before had "great minds think alike" seem so fitting.
  12. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    In respect to Bridgets, yes, Mugen is offensively a beast. But even in his style, he plays the movement game alot like Jais pointed earlier about the difference between Ruu and Mugen. Bridgets just have to face the fact that you are not gonna be gungho rushdown in the same sense that Jam is. But don't get me wrong, Bridget can play offense. If you have the upper hand on offense, you don't want to let go of that momentum right? Mugen's playstyle has him constantly zoning his opponents with the HSB resets and then he makes use of the opponents backing into a corner to set them up for a BnB or tick throws. And hahaha thnx. If they ever get fany into the game, its over. Completes my whacky trio
  13. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    Yeah. See, i always viewed bridget as an opportunistic character. He would play defense most of the match, but not in the traditional blocking sense, like Baiken. Buri would just run away, constantly playing keep away, and punishes bad movement/whiffed attacks by the opponent.
  14. Someone once told me, illogicaldreamr, that when you burstgrab, that's when you know you're good.
  15. SmileJunkie

    Bridget Q & A

    Oh okay thanks feri. I thought it was something along those lines. Geez really? That sounds epic. Too bad u couldn't record it. Batteries never comply with hyped matches lol. But yeah, when buri gets hit, its over, especially to Axl's (Digital's axl at that) damn bombers.