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  1. I just remembered you as the god Tao from CT when a conversation about Tao players came up. Had to find you on dustloop to even remember the name but hey I figured maybe he'll sign into Dustloop some year in the future and read this and feel good so here you go. *fistbump*

  2. Well now looks like I found the legendary taoish lol love your moves bro, I faced you once but you turned me into a cat toy

  3. Well, I just checked google maps to see how far ga tech was from snellville... and it's pretty far out there lol but I still might be able to get down there once in a while. I just want to know if this will be an over night thing (or at least in my case). My parents would trip if they drove me all the way to ga tech, only to come pick me back up when the event ended lol we'll have to work something out, but we can worry about all that once it actually starts up.

  4. Georgia tech eh? I'll see man! Thanks for telling me :3 I just gotta a stick the other day so I have to acquire my skill again, but I'll still be down for watching y'all beast or joining in myself ( I'll probably get destroyed lol ). This could be a good chance for me to get some offline play, finally X3

  5. Hey man I just remembered you live in atl or somewhere in georgia but if you want to fight me or isuyaru ever again you need to come to the weekly casuals at ga tech every friday night. They are starting them up again when everyone is back in school so i'll get back to you with an exact date whenever i find out. Or you can try to catch me the rare times i appear on XBL

  6. :3 I left PSN to play on XBL then I moved and had no system to play on at all! Well now I'm getting an Xbox and scraping off some rust. So if you ever want to play me again then get on XBL or see you at Final Round!

  7. Where have you been man? lol this is qickdraw. i made a new account and stuff

  8. Get off Starcraft fucker. You got a tourney in two weeks

  9. Taoish?

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    I wasn't saying 2a is bad. 2a is good you just won't be able to get major damage off of it. If I hit confirm with 2a I either go 2a->3c->short combo or 2a->5b->236aaaaa->mixup never hexa edge off of 2a
  10. Taoish?

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    2a is great and all for mixup and beating out peoples blockstrings but you are going to get crap damage off of it. I don't think you can taunt loop off it either. Maybe one but i'm not sure.
  11. Your Taokaka was amazing just as I heard it was, thank you for the fun games and for showing me what a good Tao is like. This is Scam 4 Life, a Jin user you fought on XBL lol.

  12. I love watching your Tao it's awesome. :v:

  13. Yeah I don't play too much right now because I'm dealing with a lot of stuff ...but I'll be back to being a mindless video game zombie soon :D

  14. Yup! Here for good I think. I didn't think you still played! Don't be afraid to invite me next time we are on