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  1. Setsuna

    [June 26-28] CEO 2015 Fighting Game Championships

    CEO2015 Side Tournament Details, feel free to contact me on twitter with any questions https://twitter.com/Tsuntenshi/status/611618379795804160
  2. Setsuna

    [June 26-28] CEO 2015 Fighting Game Championships

    Side Tournaments will be happening on Friday, right now the side tournaments planned to happen are UNIEL, Melty Blood, Chaos Code- T.O = MarshalllawKof (Tenryo for Chaos Code ?) Unconfirmed (likely to happen ?) Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend - T.O = @TheGreatReptar Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX - T.O = Myself
  3. CEO Returns for its 6th year with more space than ever. Over 40,000 Sq Ft of Gaming/Vendor and Artist Alley Space! Registration is LIVE: www.ceogaming.org/register Official 2015 Game List: www.ceogaming.org/rules Tentative 2015 Schedule: www.ceogaming.org/schedule Book your CEO 2015 Hotel Room: www.ceogaming.org/location Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/308650902648251/409297592583581/ Want to see who has registered already? Visit www.tinyurl.com/ceo2015list The Event page will be the first place for any event updates so join in and share with friends to help make this the biggest and best CEO ever. Biggest Announcements: 2/1: OCRemix to make Official CEO Album 2/17: $15k Pot bonus for Ultra SF4- http://capcomprotour.com/rules/ 3/9: ALL Badge Holders receive 10% off Food at Popeye's and Red Robin(Does not include alcohol). 5/4: $10,000 Pot Bonus for MKX- https://ceogaming.org/blog/archive/222-wbnrsceo2015 5/11: One of a Kind Teddie Championship belt for the winner of Persona 4 Ultimax https://twitter.com/CEOGaming/status/597862108353691649 CEO 2010 started with just 300 attendees, 2014 had 2800 fighting game fans from 15 countries and 32 states come out. Thank You for your awesome support over the years, without you CEO would never be possible.
  4. Setsuna

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to everyone I played thus far, I'm still adjusting to all the match ups as Rise and learning the new ones. Switching from a large axe to a microphone is a bit of a change for me, I'm still in a bit of a character crisis with particular match ups. If I played Minazuki against any of you I'm sorry, that was probably be not caring anymore and my way of relieving myself of previous frustrations I may have had matches prior (he's fun though www) I'm hoping Marie might be able to compensate for the match ups I don't enjoy as Rise before I start learning actual P4U2 Labrys combos
  5. Because theyre going to dub the voices as well iirc
  6. Forbid the game is actually fun, fanservice can only go a long ways but doesn't make or break it for a game to be played over others.
  7. Setsuna

    [June 27-29th] CEO 2014 in Orlando, Florida

    CEO 2014 Results: BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (74 Entrants) 1. Tectal Eastside (Mu-12) 2. BananaKen (Kokonoe) 3. DC|Pops (Platinum) 4. Dawn Hikari (Noel) 5. TS|Lord Knight (Kokonoe) 5. MMG|Apologyman (Haku-men) 7. DC|Juggernaut (Jin) 7. Eshi (Amane) Persona 4 Arena (32 Entrants) 1. BananaKen (Shadow Labrys) 2. Lord Knight (Mitsuru) 3. Tectal Eastside (Labrys) 4. JaguarCG (Aigis) Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (20 Entrants) 1. Eshi (Justice) 2. Steve H (Ky) 3. Koogy (Slayer) Full Results Later ~
  8. Setsuna

    [June 27-29th] CEO 2014 in Orlando, Florida

    BBCP Pool Assignments (Source) This can be subject to change, don't view this as the final bracket Pool 1 (Saturday 10am-noon) DC Pops Locate TS NerdJosh WA Marshallawkof Kongk4 WHITE GUN UOP MasK Savage Shrubber Silent Z MexicanKing Pool 2 (Saturday 10am-noon) DC Juggernaut Eshi LV482 MastaStef Uncensored Gaou Helel Ryer The Best in WestPalmBeach GI Vantinel Pool 3 (Saturday noon-2pm) Lich DC Mystic Setsuna JaguarCG TSUDAKI_PLAYER (TheGreatReptar) fubarduck Shin Oni Gustavo A stryder37 Pool 4 (Saturday noon-2pm) MMG Apologyman Lord_Cruxis DWB Pochp the200Ponies Aya Botoggle renleve LTR Pool 5 (Saturday 2pm-4pm) TS Lord Knight TectalEastside Floe Arrogant_Swagger A Stat CJ_iwakura Elazul Shogun17 Blue Thunder Pool 6 (Saturday 2pm-4pm) DawnHikarii IPG Colpevole dotNova Dingo Con Queso CRVMoon Roaming With Rhinos McBrazzle FOG_E Ironfist BassVII Pool 7 (Saturday 4pm-6pm) BananaKen DC Nobodyexe FlameIce Ereth Ubiquitous Daymo Cynamatik Joe Shyne Captainimpaler Pool 8 (Saturday 4pm-6pm) DC Skeletal Minion BE Kane Blue River Blue CCG Chi-Rithy Dollar Maxx Madoublex BladeAME9-Jin Zero-Sennin
  9. Setsuna

    [June 27-29th] CEO 2014 in Orlando, Florida

    Guilty Gear Side Tournament Details: Date: Friday June 27th Time: 4pm (Subject to change) Where: BYOC section Entry Fee: $10 System: PS3 So these are the details if a Guilty Gear Side Tournament were to happen, side tournaments HAVE to be done Friday and I was given this as a good time slot to hold it. Basically after the Persona 4 Arena side tournament we would be able to use the set ups there to run a Guilty Gear tournament. Basically if you want a tournament held please express interest before I opt to play casuals all day. Tournament Rules: I'm going to assume you know standard tournament rules but if you don't heres a quick rundown Double Elimination Best 2/3 matches, 2/3 round setting. Grand Finals, Winners and Losers Finals. 3/5 matches How to sign up: I'll be near the Persona 4 Arena Side Tournament setups and Blazblue casual stations wearing a bright pink shirt or full color shirt with the girl from my avatar. General Rules: This is a side tournament and I want things to run smoothly, if you go anywhere even to just the bathroom please tell me or anyone who is helping me. I don't want to run around the ballroom looking for you. If the tournament has started don't ask me to include you, the time is set and we need to get it done ASAP (Sadly) If your name is MakoInfused you're banned. Help needed: IF YOU HAVE A SYSTEM WITH THE GAME, IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED We would only probably be able to take up 2-3 setups max but having a system available other than mine would be very helpful. If you would like to help me call out players names and search for those who wander off that would be much appreciated as well. I'm not familiar with the faces of a lot of Guilty Gear players so it'll be hard for me to know. I believe that is it, if you have any other questions or believe more information needs to be supplied let me know. If you want to contact me you can do so here or on Twitter (@Tsuntenshi)
  10. CEO 2014 returns to the Completely renovated Wyndham Orlando Resort with more space (30,000sq ft+) and quite a lot of new nearby additions. What is CEO? CEO is an annual Fighting Game Tournament bringing both fans and ultimate competitors together to battle it out for cash and prizes. We also cater to casual fans with casual games, arcade cabinets, artist alley, industry vendors, raffles, giveaways and more. Check out the Official Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDXzbN_5XTU Registration for CEO 2014 is NOW LIVE www.ceogaming.org/register Hotel Rooms are Now available for reservations all on www.ceogaming.org/location 12 Games will be featured at CEO 2014, Here is the list and official rules for the tournaments www.ceogaming.org/rules Event schedule www.ceogaming.org/schedule Want to Know who is Registered? Visit www.tinyurl.com/ceo2014 Here's a Recap of CEO 2013- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buOQV7weygs
  11. Setsuna

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I stopped by my Gamestop and Arcana Heart 3 Love Max was preorderable for PS3 and PS Vita (both 39.99, both come out on September 30th according to the listing)
  12. I know you're excited for DBFC (kirino :P). I'm actually looking forward to the game as well. Been watching streams like ever since like wednesday (or whatever day it came out). Lookin at Kuroyuki, Tomoka or Asuna.

  13. Setsuna

    Dengeki FIGHTING CLIMAX: Announced at TGS.

    They already stated long ago that when the game was revealed a long with the arcade release time period they were aiming for a Fall release this year for consoles. More characters should be a given (I hope), the game had a lot of potential with character line up but I have no idea whats going on in their heads looking at a lot of questionable assists
  14. Setsuna

    Dengeki FIGHTING CLIMAX: Announced at TGS.

    Follow my channel for more uploads ~! http://www.youtube.com/user/Tsuntenshi
  15. Awww D: Koko is so fun to fight. I hope we do play in better connection in the future then ^_^