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  1. skype is dumb and is not letting me add you, do you have an AIM or new msn?

  2. Been trying to get a hold of you, my hotmail account was closed by msoft =/ add me on skaipu as: Reknorak.

  3. Bakana

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    Makes a lot of sense, thanks man.
  4. Bakana

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    Isn't it a better idea to 6C into 7k meterless from a blocked DP? I don't main tao, just throwing that out there.
  5. Bakana

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Your first post was relocated to the general discussion board. Please remember to post there or use the search function for your specific problem as posting on the main board is frowned upon (with good reason). As for your questions they seem to be broad, what specifically are you having problems with?
  6. Bakana

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    Listen to Cake, hes all 100% taunt loop 100% of the time but seriously TL runs the clock down, if you can do it there is literally no reason to not be doing it.