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  1. RandomGuy

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Wow, I need to check up on this thread. I just missed the little get together. =[
  2. RandomGuy

    New York City Thread #1582048

    I see, D: I guess I need to learn how to drive then. I don't think I'll be able to make this one.
  3. RandomGuy

    New York City Thread #1582048

    RG would totally come, but RG has no smarts or means of going to Dai's house. =3=
  4. I see! Thanks for the advice and info. It's really cool to see how much the game has evolved!! D= If I were to be playing though it would practically be Naruto all the way though. Master him while learning a new character.
  5. I've been so out of the loop man, I stopped playing at UN2 (still my fav to this day) I have no idea how much the game has evolved. The stage shouldn't be banned, only when TS-Temari uses it xD. That's so broken. Perfect timing You know he's done that a lot. Can you sub outta it? Also the sad part my town is near the town FAB lives in. As a matter of fact I go to the school that his town's school used to be the rivals of.
  6. RandomGuy

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Dai, I'm still new to the scene =/ and if i could've gotten a ride there i would have known where Gamepad was for the tourney. But I didn't go forgetting what and where Gamepad was.
  7. Actually I like Blazblue. Preorded Limited Edition CT, Normal CS and a BB TE Limited Edition Arcade Stick (#1309/1500) I even complied a list of japanese players, romanized names, characters and the colors of the characters they played for a reference guide before BB came out on console and I'm a member of Blazblue.co.nr, Dustloop.com and lurk around Blazblue.com to name a few merits. Just because it doesn't at first appear to have a deeper level of play does not make it a bad game. If no one dove to explore the contents of melee on a deeper level no one would be playing smash at the moment competitively. If no one wanted to explore characters in games, no one would find loops, cancels and the likes. You can't just judge a book by it's cover. People think pokemon is a just a casual, fun game, but it has deeper levels of play such as EV training and IV breeding, stab, natures, abilities and items. The metagames of most games evolve for those who care to explore them.
  8. Haha, yea. That quick start up recovery jabs vid made my day. We need to definitely start up a competitive UN/NH/NA community.
  9. Yea I know how you feel. I wanna play a new one like that as well. Cept 2D. I don't mind a storm similar to that one though.
  10. Ah we used to play like that too, One time we played with too many items...there were too many devil winds being tossed around...
  11. RandomGuy

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Don't know where Gamepad is to be honest.. =(
  12. Narutamate Hero is the real name of Ultimate Ninja. That one is on the PSP right? My main is Naruto and I second Guy or Neji depending on the game I'm playing.
  13. The thing is I was a smash-head before I got back into more "traditional" fighters. We turned off Items and just played Ultimate Ninja with the Ninjas and the kunai, shuriken they gave us. I'm a fan of Ninja Storm, you must understand that I just prefer 2D fighters over 3D, my brother and I used to get As when we Battled in Storm and we tried playing and got only Cs and Ds. It was pretty fun though. It was only 4 people that played in our UN scene, but with those 4 people we developed into very good player and learn cool combos techniques and strategies.
  14. Yes, the Ultimate Ninja series games on the PS2, PSP and Storm and Storm 2 are on the PS3
  15. Does anyone here play Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1-3 as well as the unreleased ones from Japan? I'm not talking about the 3D storm, that's trash compared to the rest (though it's a beautiful game.) I was thinking about restarting the Ultimate Ninja scene again in my community. We were pro yo. I was wondering if anyone here played it competitively at all or have any thoughts about it.