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  1. nazoenigma

    South Carolina?

    I hate SF4...>_> And super. And...pretty much any Street Fighter game, lol Also, thinking of trading my Xbox in to get a PS3. I like their controllers better...But I was curious if y'all thought it would be a good switch. I only really play fighters, and I heard more players were on PS3 for the most part, and I'd like to get some more practice in. ^^ What do yall think? Also, I was thinking of holding BB tournys at Planet's more often, if Mike is cool with it. I would just need to know how many people could show up, and if it would be worth it.
  2. nazoenigma

    South Carolina?

    I think you're right. It was a sad day for Brents everywhere, lol And yeah, definately gonna need some practice. Makoto's really fun, but I'm having problems actually winning. Although, now that I have a computer, I can actually read her guide and get familiar with her BnBs instead of trying to get 214 mixups going, lol
  3. nazoenigma

    South Carolina?

    Oh. Hey, I finally got my computer fixed, so I can actually post here, lol. This is Brent from The Labor Day Smash thing at Planets. Also, I think I'm gonna play Mokoto over Noel (Not that that matters, lol.) We should play again sometime....Seeing as I only got to play one person, and proceeded to get my ass handed to me
  4. nazoenigma

    New Mortal Kombat

    This actually looks really good. The 3D games really turned me off of Mortal Kombat, but I would like to play the game I grew up on. It looks like they're doing a good job on this one though. Also, definitely should bring back cooking with scorpion. Greatest thing evar.
  5. nazoenigma

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    I'm so hyped for this! I got the first one, and thought it was really good, but then the second one never came out...Then again, apparently it sucked after reading this thread, so I guess yay? But it just looks so good. Might have to use Fiona again...although, probably pick a new main with all the new characters :P