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  1. Had these matches from last month. I tried to incorporate what ZoKhiz said but some cases like the RTL I just saw he had burst etc. I still need to use more clS to tick at this point. Also certain knockdowns could use more 2K instead of 5K to catch backdash I guess. jDing after alot of tech is still a bad habit that needs to die, just take the blocks on the way down.
  2. FT3 set from today's casuals.
  3. Hello guys. Been a while. If anything, I have alot of trouble with Chipp and May. I don't know if I can find footage of my offline May MM from last week as well. This set is local online so it should be fairly realistic. Here's an offline set with a Ky who lives close to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbtbPyrqKHI
  4. Yo. Haven't logged into Dustloop for ages but I'll be heading to Japan from 10th-23rd November. More details if I can send a PM.

    1. ElvenShadow


      Hey man. Sorry but I will be gone by then. I will be moving back to Chicago in October. Enjoy your trip.

  5. Yo. Haven't logged into Dustloop for ages but I'll be heading to Japan from 10th-23rd November. More details if I can send a PM.

  6. Yo. Haven't logged into Dustloop for ages but I'll be heading to Japan from 10th-23rd November. More details if I can send a PM.

  7. 3 more months boys.

  8. 3 more months boys.

  9. 3 more months boys.

  10. Hey guys I'm at room 1825 in the Paris. Wireless here is crap. Just send me a PM/call our room phone for updates regarding availability of setups and the like.
  11. Wassup bro, it has been years since the last time that i saw you on DL or HF

  12. Yo dude it's been ages. How's it been lately for fighting games? To be honest I'm stuck in 3d land for some good time. Tekken's technically my main game based on exposure and time invested alone. It's... really cool stuff.

  13. zer0kage

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Game's looking good and Tekken is really fun to play. I might be playing Tag 2 in 2 months so fingers crossed. However, it is stressful in tourneys. All games are in tourneys but Tekken can be really intense and break you to the point stupid stuff would start landing to further amplify it. Still the series (esp 5DR and 6BR) has a nice degree of open ended strategies. Tag 2 adding more + 'better movement' is gonna be so cool..
  14. zer0kage

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    I did not post this in the matchup forum because this information is still gray to me. Anyway, how does Hakumen handle Arakune practically? A few things I'm aware of: - Fever mode is the biggest factor in the odds of winning this matchup. iad jC is really good at punishing Ara from randomly jDing. Kishu also moves past jDs -- How do you chase Ara safely if that's possible? His backstep is really good at escaping stuff. j2A is probably Haku's best friend against Ara's 6D.. a near free orb is something alot of the cast can't do. Counters are good especially against blockstrings but as they are... counters they have their share of risks in dealing with Ara's blockstrings and stuff. Still valuable against jB happy ones. Ara with homing cloud probably is the worst one to face since it's forcing Hakumen to move in a certain way Ara can intercept. I know locking Arakune is probably the main aim of this matchup. Still he has pretty weird hitboxes in his stuff to make this harder than alot of characters. --Fever mode In the event you get an orb from something while in fever mode Haku is pretty well protected from bugs. Of course in fever mode Ara can simply.. not hit buttons to feed the orbs. It's still technically the better way to avoid the bug stuff than countering which is risky and does no jack to an Ara going 2D + bug spam. Seems like.. blocking well is the way out.