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  1. MAdBater

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Its a little practice to get use to the difference. Was it an american bat top or was it a japanese ball top stick?
  2. MAdBater

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    I use a modified wineglass eagle grip i guess. I have the shaft between my middle finger and the ring finger. My thumb, pointer and middle finger are on the ball. It might be similar to your grip. Most of my motions are done with my fingers not with my wrist and i just push out words to the 9 position with my thump and fingers.
  3. MAdBater

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Akysys and arc system works need to market this game right before it comes out!
  4. MAdBater

    P4A 360/PS3 Poll

    I has a ps3 but i hardly ever play it. My ps3 arcade stick has a layer of dust on it. I might be better off switching to it for fighters but my xbox is my go to system.
  5. MAdBater

    What is your favorite matchup?

    By the looks of the thread looks like a lot o people like Hakumen vs whoever. I would have to agree but are the people in the thread that like Haku vs who ever haku players like me?
  6. MAdBater

    Ultimate MvC3

    Clockw0rks old school team is now possible. Sentinel, Strider, Doom. I do not really like mvc3 but i will lame it out with that team.
  7. MAdBater

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    You can use you thumb but as yukiblue said use your hand. I put a little wrist movement into all of my dashes. It took me a while to be able to pull off dash hotaru and tsubaki with hakumen. The dashes to the right were easier at first because of my grip. I used my wrist to do the dash. My dashes to the left were not as consistent because i did it with my thumb.
  8. MAdBater

    A call to arms for the hardcore BB and GG players

    At least she is not a trap.
  9. MAdBater

    [CSE] Hakumen Video Thread

    http://youtu.be/7M9EmZB5rVA?t=11m11s prfarmy
  10. MAdBater

    [CSE] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    http://www.amazon.com/Xbox360-Fighting-Stick-VX-Xbox-360/dp/B0057WDE8Q/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1313264561&sr=8-7 this is only 70 bucks save you hands from the pain of extended play in fgs. But if you really prefer carpaltunnel that is up to you.
  11. MAdBater

    [CS2] Hakumen Combo Guide

    Main reason to get a stick is because it saves you from destroying your hands! My hands would hurt from from extended play of blazblue then I switched to a stick and I do not feel that pain anymore.
  12. Thanks for the games, my friend was over so I had to cut it short.

  13. MAdBater

    A call to arms for the hardcore BB and GG players

    I agree analysis commentary on matches by the players explaining their plans, traps and baits will be a good idea. Imagine LK and Spark and other top evo players analyzing their matches. Gain a lot of insight with a visual imagine helping the learning process. This will help the both the weak players and the strong player get better. It does not necessarily need to be them if they do not have time or something but people that have a high level of understanding of the game and could elaborate well could do this analysis. Dustloop could do a weekly tube show or something. This might be a 1 v 1 fighter but we are all in the same team of trying to get better.
  14. MAdBater

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    I do not want a bunch of people switching to hakumen because mirror matches are annoying. they drive my patience to the wall. People just keep playing your character they only thing spark winning is that tiers do not matter that much in blazblue.
  15. MAdBater

    [CS2] Hakumen Combo Guide

    Thanks that helped me. i got to work on timing but it should not take me long. that also helped me with the corner loop because i was still doing the cs1 corner combo because i could not understand what i was doing wrong with the loop.