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  1. I know this is kind of a lame question, but what are 1 or 2 good go-to combos I should work on? I know there's a combo thread but I always get so overwhelmed at so many combos I never know what to stick with. Thanks in advance.
  2. Suichi

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn Q&A

    I'm trying to learn how to play as Valkenhayn but I'm struggling because I'm not sure of how to start. What is a good foundation to build upon with him to begin the learning process (i.e. a solid combo to start out with, any kind of helpful tips)? Thanks in advance and I apologize if my question is too broad.
  3. When sandwiched, you get the shit end of the stink indeed. You have 3 ways to get out of that ABC6D loop. IB Carl's 5C or that 6B. If done correctly, you'll also IB the punch and you can MTW or jab spam out of it. The third way is to find a gap between that 6D and the 5A, and 360A that shit. But, depending on his greatness, that may fail.

  4. I guess. I had no idea how or when to get out of his pressure strings when I'm sandwiched, either. I know I should avoid the situation completely but I can't always. At what point do I jump out? Backdashing never worked because Nivrana cockblocked me.

  5. It's the only combo from throw that actually works on him. Collider 6C cannot be followed up unless pre-magnetized. Even then, it might whiff so, Fuck Carl. 720 should never be used though, MTW is 99x better in the fight simply due to the fact you can IB MTW to screw his blockstrings. Or to autoblock a j.2c.

  6. Actually, yeah. I did the throw> B Sledge> 5C> 5D combo on him once or twice.

  7. I tried. Any of my advice work or did you just say screw it and let science do the rest?

  8. Well he swept me the first round because I got too aggressive and was not very experienced with Carl. Second round, I played a little more cautiously and got some lucky hits on him so I swept him that round. Final match it was 2-2 both sides and he had bursted on me while I had him cornered, I tried to roll 720 and he fuoco'd me.

  9. How'd you lose? Run it down for me.

  10. Suichi

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Depending on the range, if a Bang player tries his D shurikens your 6A will null them all and hit him for CH. Usually if he tries to TK them.
  11. Suichi

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Kind of dumb question, but sometimes after hitting someone, then immediately going into a 720 I'll get a pink !!, BUT, I see them clearly attacking me indicating they're not in hit/blockstun (for example.. Ragna's 5B was in the middle of the animation yet it still gave them the chance to break) What's the deal with that?
  12. Suichi

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    I guess this is more of a general question but what are the advantages of quick rise versus neutral tech, and does it have any useful applications for Tager?
  13. You heretic, begone with you

  14. Suichi

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    Bah, I figured I wasn't the first to figure this out. Go, me.
  15. Suichi

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    A neat little tidbit I found out. If you jump and do Tager's j.2C literally a split second before you hit the ground, it comes out instantly. Don't know if it's really of any use but I figured I should share it with you guys anyway.