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  1. it's almost as if reversals can be baited platinum having any reversal option at all other than "sit there and take it unless you have a bat" is really really great imo. i catch people with it all the time, because i don't use it often enough for anyone to expect it. just bgood and don't treat it like ID because it's not.
  2. CakeWasBannedd

    [CP] Platinum Critique Thread

    214AA~B? you mean 236AA~B
  3. Cake you mug, add me to skype.

  4. being an exchange student and stuff takes up a lot of time crno ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ hmu on skype or something sometime, i'll tell you all about #jplyf
  5. CakeWasBannedd

    [CP] Platinum Critique Thread

    -you're playing waaay too defensive. platinum vs rachel is a pretty bad matchup, but if you never attempt to do anything, you're never going to get anything. -less 6C in your blockstrings, it leaves you in a position you can only do two things (j.c or jump) and thus is really easy to counter. -you have j.C syndrome. i had it too and it's a really easy bad habit to get into, because platinum's j.c is so nice and long and has such long hitstun (or did,lol) that it's tempting to make it your sole approach, but you end up jumping around a loot more than you need to. try feeling your opponent out with a well-spaced 5b, 2b, or dash-in 3c. overall you're just too defensive and too jump-happy, i'd say. it might just be because you were fighting a rachel and didn't want to get locked down on the ground, but it's really important not to be so predictable in how you play. platinum's normals are not the best in the world, but you need to make the other player respect what options you have. that rachel just went to town on you with no fear because you were constantly letting him (jumping around making your options predictable, not ever really attempting to poke out of blockstrings in the corner, always approaching the same way so he could peg you with projectiles easily)
  6. japan is not all it's cracked up to be but it is a really cool place! as long as you remember it's a normal country like any other you should have a good time. and if you're going solely for fighting games then definitely go a place where you know there's good players. generally the skill level is pretty high so you won't have trouble finding good players anywhere, but yeah. better to have a scene than have to rely on random people being there at random times. you can't quit hakumen you've been playing him for 5 years son. also lol i'm not in college yet, this exchange year is me being in highschool technically. when i get back to canada i'll be going into college.

  7. Cool. A lot of my friends have been doing that or visiting Japan. It's like the new fad or something. I kind of want to go at some point too. Is it that good over there? CP Hakumen is kind of a 1 trick pony. Zzzz And don't worry, you are not old yet. Otherwise I would be ancient, so I can't allow that. What year of college are you in now?

  8. yeah dude it has been a whiiiile. crazy to think about honestly, i've been into this game too damn long uh yeah i'm on an exchange program thing right now until july next year. my town is hella tiny so no bb unless i take a train 30 minutes away, which isn't too bad.

  9. lol you're like a grown ass man now. I can't believe it's already been like 5 years. People that were starting high school when CT came out are going to college now. > location You're in Japan now?

  10. well i'm still a loli loser. not sure if i'm legendary anymore, my CT days are over ;_;

  11. > legendary loli loser I don't think this applies anymore.

  12. platinum is fine i think. even with me not knowing optimal combos (wtf do i do after 5a 5c mami???) and dropping in the corner letting my opponents escape, i don't really have a huge amount of problems winning if i play smart and patient and use platinum's various tricks to mess with opponents. i dunno if the players at the arcade i go to are just bad though, that's also possible. but she's not awful!!
  13. does the new cure dot typhoon super auto-track? i mean, if i'm moving around, do i have to make sure i still stay kinda close to my opponent, or will it just stick on them no matter where i go?