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  1. facebook is lame and I'm not voting for Zucky 2020 go here, https://discord.gg/CCKa2xK
  2. whoa, I'm still a moderator of something here??!
  3. people still posting here??? it's cause it's the correct speed now
  4. Next Xanadu monthly is the 28th
  5. Not if I've got anything to do about it! I really should be working that angle more. Let's see if I can crap it out by the end of the weekend or next week.
  6. Hey, I'm a BB player from Baltimore - I was wondering if BlazBlue is still played at Xanadu, or if it's just GG

    1. 4r5


      I always see a BB setup or two, at the monthlies.

  7. here ya go https://www.facebook.com/giacdotcom/ Also, get familiar with the metro system
  8. something happens in DC, let me see if I can find it. I dunno how they are with GG. I've never been
  9. Oh you in SoVA? There's a large scene down there. here's their facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/VCUFightClub/ here's the twitter of the guy that runs a lot of their tournaments https://twitter.com/f_swipes I dunno what people's dustloop names are, or if they even use dustloop anymore. shrug shrug
  10. Got facebook? You can join the two, or just one, of the groups to stay up to date. Xanadu is still every Thursday night, for fighting games. The next Xanadu monthly is the 28th, May. The Cave is a new place, they do fight games on Tuesdays and Fridays, 10621 Braddock Road - Suite B Fairfax, VA 22032 A few places have ended or have suspended. And a few other new places have popped up. I think CoinUp and CFAS are done. There's a bit too much stuff going on for me to keep track of but the ones I care about.
  11. You can use PS3 sticks with PS4 Revelator. Assuming you aren't using anything too exotic.
  12. Get ready for the Johnny army. I'm going to be back to learning all characters, if only to get the VS-Johnny matchup knowledge. I think we are going to need a rule for casuals: For Johnny mains, the first match of the set will be Johnny vs Johnny, then loser has to play the remaining set as not-Johnny.
  13. XrdR's demo/pre-order is 4/5. Next Xanadu Monthly is 4/16. Planing to use PS4 and the Demo for the tournament. Is there anyone in here that needs help playing on PS4??