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  1. Teacher gave me a gold star for being a good boy.

  2. hmm, you're right. new link doesn't seem to work any more. I'm blaming it on youtube. I guess I'll use the old link for now

  3. the cheesiest combos

  4. The Tiger Knee is a golf stroke made famous by Tiger Woods. To perform a Tiger Knee, start by standing as you would any other stroke, placing your feet below your shoulders with your toes pointing forward. While swinging, keep your forward knee locked straight. Push off with your back foot while lifting your back knee forward and pivot around your left leg. The pivoting action will give your stroke extra centripetal force, putting more power behind your ball. Though the Tiger Knee is powerful it is also dangerous to use. Repeated use of the Tiger Knee can cause damage to the knee. The Tiger Knee is sometimes called the Tiger Crush, after Tiger Woods received a knee fracture and torn ligaments from over use of the technique.