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  1. ggs your Haz was very difficult to pin down and neutral got pretty crazy. It was fun though and lol yeah, poor Tsubaki. orz
  2. ggs, it was a ton of fun. I lost it at: "I WATCH IT WITH MY PANTS ON THOUGH". That's not what a guilty man would say at all, nope. Not at all!
  3. It actually does, but it slipped my mind the couples times I tried it and forgot it wasn't gapless on him. j.B is always an option also and in CP I believe they've changed this so that it works on everyone without issue. Anyway, ggs to you and everyone I played tonight.
  4. I'd imagine it's because they want to learn before BBCP is released, that's just my guess though.
  5. Oh hey, didn't realize you posted here. I'm that one Rachel player you sometimes mash with.

  6. ggs to everyone in Iwasawa's room. I just wanted to pick Plat and fill the screen with cute shit, but Nemi won't let me. orz
  7. Gil

    I've been alright, can't complain. You pretty much described my life in a nutshell, but just replace full time with part time work and ygo instead of pokemon. Glad to hear from you again, it's been quite a while.

  8. ggs to everyone in badlime's room. I would have stayed a bit longer, but I have some school work to get to. First time I've played Makoto players in a good while. It's nice to see people still play her nowadays.
  9. Gil

    Hey, how's it going?

  10. Whut, since when do you main Plat over Rags? Regardless, congrats on the contract.

  11. Happy birthday, Toan. Hope you enjoy it, DESPITE the fact that you play some of my least favorite match-ups. Ha ha :x

  12. Ha ha, it really has been a while. How's it going?

  13. Alright, went ahead and added you. No worries, figured I'd ask because I'm usually on there and it makes getting matches easier. So yeah, I will bug you if you're ever on and whatnot! :x

  14. Noticed you had skype also, mind if I shoot you an invite on there as well?

  15. right back at you how2blocktsubaki orz
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEMI! May you shatter all of my dreams and hopes with 6C for many more years to come. <3

  17. kk, I will PM it to you then.

  18. Toan, we haven't played in forever 3 Went ahead and added you on skype, so at some point we can change that.

  19. Hey Nemi, do you happen to have skype? If so, give it here so I can add and stuff.

  20. Gil

    Well, at least you got to go to a real arcade over there. Guessing you don't get to go to the mainland too often? Hopefully you get another chance and go play BBCP. No worries, we can give it a shot anyway.Went ahead and added you, not sure why you weren't on my list. I don't think I removed you before.

  21. Gil

    Do you still use the same gamertag? I'm down to mash with you on a CA-JP connection. It's usually not that bad compared to some of the connections I get from the Midwest. Seriously, it's kinda sad. And you're in Japan? I'm so jelly right not, not gonna lie. Have you had a chance to visit an arcade or stuff like that?

  22. Gil

    Oh hey, it's been a while! Nice to hear from you, bro. Um, do you not play P4U or anything else in the meantime?

  23. I think he showed interest for a while, but last I checked he doesn't play anymore.
  24. Pretty much, considering most people still have no idea how to deal with her infamous command grab set-up. Once people learn the match up though, then the real learning starts. And eh, the balance isn't too bad but it has some very obnoxious aspects to it. All I really want is to be able to punish dumb shit more effectively and maybe more health.