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  1. Thought I would drop by and leave something. ggs last night, hopefully I can play your Tager a bit more. o.<; Though you mentioned your gold membership ends today, no? Eh, well hopefully we can play again soon. As you saw, my Tager fails, but he is rather fun against Nu.

  2. Same here, didn't even bother to make an account till a few days ago. xD &Really? Good point, I only noticed one of your rare posts because it was on a thread a friend started. Ah well, how's your Hakumen coming along, bro?

  3. xD I figured a good Hakumen player like you would have an account here.

  4. Alright, there we go. Also, ggs. I highly doubt that even when I do get used to stick that I will be able to beat your Jin. xD Ah well, part of the fun.

  5. Love her, huh? D< IS THAT WHY YOU ARE ON FFXIII INSTEAD OF PLAYING BB WITH US?:arg: Capscapscaps

  6. Gil

    Oh wow, seems everyone has an account here. xD Hi hi, bro.

  7. I will over the weekend, should have the time then. Finally getting a new remote too, maybe an arcade stick. 8D Huzzah, no more input bs. Anywho, I don't have Unlimited Tager yet, should probably buy that too. If you have an arcade stick, what do you recommend? &Yeah, that Hakumen was something else, very fun.

  8. lol I had no idea what it was called either. &Nah, we just decided to troll with Tager and everyone followed for some weird reason. xD

  9. Yeah, someone else wanted on. I was hoping to at least get one match in, but my Tager failed me. DX Um, the taunt between combo strings.

  10. :cool:Those were some totally -pro- Tager matches. Right, bro? xD I loled, but amazing Tao. Cat punch in between combo strings ftw.

  11. :du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::du::JI::JI::JI::JI::JI::JI::JI::JI::JI:>> IKUZO NIII-SAN!
  12. Oh wow, didn't think you would have an account here too. xD Hi hi, bro.

  13. You sir, are everywhere. xD Hi hi, bro. You really are serious about Noel, huh?