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  1. Still so loli :x <3

  2. b-baka Pwny-kun! <3

  3. Not gonna lie, I feel the same way to some extent. ha ha, but having high level players to learn from is also awesome. Dead? Nah, it's just all the BBCP hype to be honest. I'm sure they will announce a new version of P4U and everyone will jump ships again.

  4. Just wanted to go ahead and say thanks for all the Slab content you post. I've learned a lot from you already, so I look forward to future matches you post up.

  5. Here you go, as promised: http://www.youtube.com/user/joellera/videos?view=0 I think he mentioned that he will be uploading matches for match-up purposes with commentary. Not too many people play S.Lab, so it's nice to get something helpful like this.

  6. Gil

    where the heck are you?

  7. No worries, I thought nothing of it. I only mentioned it because it's rare to have someone actually explain why they kick you. Anyway, that reason seems fair enough and I can understand why it would bug you.
  8. How very modest, ha ha. Oh hey, you're that guy who booted for picking training stage a while back. Anywho, ggs to anyone I may have ran into in ranked. Trying to get back into this again, but it's hard enough finding a match with a decent connection.
  9. Gil

    [P4A] Shadow Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Not to mention you're also a Rachel player, so I bet you'd enjoy the oki set-ups a ton.
  10. Gil

    [P4A] Shadow Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Saving because it's obviously relevant to all our hearts. <3
  11. Eh, what about it? Did you change it or something? I haven't really been on lately, but PM whatever the issue will be or I can ask Cary later.

  12. Toffie! It would be nice to play you again, hopefully I can catch you on xbl soon.
  13. He also kicks you for picking Mu's stage, apparently. I picked it to avoid lag as much as possible and he messaged me that'd he kick me if I didn't pick random next time. I explained to him why I was so particular on the stage and he just called it an urban myth. Not entirely sure if it does lag less, but it certainly seems like it.
  14. ggs to Skeletal and anyone I've played recently.
  15. Same thing for me, actually. I've called a few Gamestops and they're telling me it won't be in stock till tomorrow. OTL
  16. Gonna go ahead and vote for: TD, SwordofToan and Haven.
  17. Have live finally and AE if you're ever up for it, Ve-bro.

  18. Gil

    ;-; T-toffie's back?! Awesome! We will play soon or er as soon as my thumbs feel better. orz Long story, but a week or two at the most I hope.

  19. ha ha, I had a feeling you would. 3s is like SF4 without the things that made SF4 so lame. What did you make the front page of SRK for, a combo video or something like that? Hopefully the netcode for umvc3 is better so I can actually take the time to learn the game. Same here, bro. :3

  20. Gil

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Oh, is that right? That saves me a lot of trouble then. Thanks!
  21. Gil

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    An actual arcade with cs2 near me? I-I don't believe it...Ha ha, well count me in as soon as I get a ps3(play on 360 usually) stick since it's a console set up.
  22. Yes, oddly enough. This quarter really kicked my ass, but things seem to be settling down. Wasn't expecting to spend so much on my classes. orz Ha ha. I should have gold and 3s soon, probably UMVC3 too. I have a lot of catching up to do! How did you like 3s, Ve bro?

  23. Gil

    What is your favorite matchup?

    ^^^ Plat mirrors are amazing Um but my favoirte would have to be Rachel vs Hakumen. Even in CS1 it was fun for me.
  24. ha ha, I guess I am.