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  1. ggs and sorry for the slow reply, I hardly log in. You should get on Skype more! Best way is just to grind the match-up so we should get more games in.

  2. Gil

    Thanks, Tofurr! Ha ha yeah, I hardly ever check my Facebook anyway.

  3. Thanks, Nemi! You were first to post, no worries. :toot:

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Toan. :yaaay:

  5. I totally deserved that astral for using TD so damn much though lol.
  6. ggs to both Nemesis' room and SWD/Chao's room today. Had a lot of fun playing this game again. Special ggs to Chao for being hilarious. Ha ha, could have teched out before that last astral but didn't realize it. orz
  7. IOU the contents of that folder then and will get it to you whenever I see you on Skype next. There's nothing pure squirrel-waifu love can't solve it seems.
  8. If I didn't have an early shift, I'd totally do it for you Goldy. <3 That and possibly bribe you with whatever I have in my Makoto folder. ...or if it comes to it, blackmail you with NTR stuff again. Either way.
  9. Before this turns into a thing, we should probably all relaxu. Yeah, let's do that!
  10. ggs to everyone in Rio's room. Still have trouble with Carl, but I think I've gotten a better idea on how to go about it.
  11. did you happen to play someone named Pippy McPip by any chance? Anyway, ggs to Rio and Watermelonz's room.
  12. ggs Ctrl but it seems xbl decided to kick me off I guess and I can't get back on. ggs as well to Rio
  13. Gil

    Sure, just send me an invite whenever.

  14. A tad bit late with this, but ggs to both you and Nemi.
  15. I waited for a good while too. </3 ggs to you as well, Argent.
  16. I was just joking because I prefer Yukino over Yui but yes, you're right.

  17. Thanks, but you give me too much credit ha ha. Mind if I shoot you an invite on xbl btw?

  18. I think you misspelled Yukino <3.
  19. Late ggs to AceKillah. I think that's the first time in a while that I've seen someone actually finish a BK combo.
  20. Pretty much this for me as well, this week is going to be rough. However, I have managed to get a few games in here and there so ggs to Little Subby and Dark Ranger and anyone else I played tonight.
  21. ggs Chao and well, it's hard to take a match seriously with so much moe on the screen. I am such a scrub with unlimited characters though. lol I still can't believe I ate over 8k vs unlimited Haku and got astral'd by my own character. orz Unlimited George is wayyyy too OP, I swear.
  22. Mhm, wanna mash a bit?
  23. Are you still playing? edit: welp, guess not.
  24. Hey Gold, figured I'd add you here. Shot you an invite on Skype as well

  25. ggs to you and everyone in Nemesis' room. Lots of good matches and laughs were had, so I hope we can do that again sometime. Oh and Gold, I still need to get that Makoto art you were promised to you. Also, huge thanks to Nemesis and Horse Fracture for helping me learn things I now hate myself for knowing. orz