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  1. BoomBoxBeats

    How long did it take -you- to get proficient with your main?

    I've pretty much went around the board since CT, I started off with Taokaka in CT due to her flexibility and various feints ending CT playing Litchi which gave me better edge on blockstuns. CS came out and Litchi became S tier I dropped her for Jin/Noel got better with Noel but Jin I wasn't feeling it, dropped Jin for Makoto and played her off an on for months. Cs2 came out I found myself still playing Noel after dabbling in everyone else sept Platinum,Arakune,Rachel,Litchi & Carl. I picked up Hakumen at the end of Cs2 and spend 2-3 months just learning. Now in Extend I play Noel/Hazama/Hakumen. Noel so far I've been playing off an on for a year or two the rest I picked up along the way. I've been playing fighting games for more than a decade but not seriously playing them the way they should be played Blazblue was the first game where I actually got into it and started learning how to actually play and not spam moves.
  2. yeah I'll be there Saturday.

  3. thanks for the reply I will heed your advice!

  4. Since this is a drive cancel, you have to cancel when moon slasher makes contact with the opponent. It takes some practice getting used to it since its a charge character. Make sure you're charging with 1 or 3 depending on which side you're on; this will give you the charge direction necessary for both moves to come out.

  5. Hehe, glad I could help out :3

  6. sorry bout that lag made me double post :|

  7. thanks for your advice on leona I added 6LK after 5HK to EX J214P into Slash Saber in that combo I posted after seeing your post works really good!

  8. Hey you've been playing Leona too right judging from your post. Whats your timing on Moon Slasher to Grand Saber? (Non-EX)

  9. ah been playing Kof13 today your right about the joystick mine doesnt work either cause of the converter on the end of it. Not bad though hard to play certain people right now like Leona I gotta get use to the db~ub HP to ub~f HK drive cancel its hard as hell for me to pull on dpad >_

  10. yeah I've been a huge Athena fan since 98 but I think I'm gonna go Leona this time since I've always used Ralph and Clark...ah so many choices I gotta throw Vice in there too somehow.

  11. Dawwwww.... Your good though. Right now I'm thinking about running Athena, Chin, SOMEBODY HERE Haven't gotten KOF yet (and I can't play it on stick due to convertor trouble >.<) Grats on the silencer combo :kitty: You should come to more meetups :vbang:

  12. oh yeah i finally got the hang of doing 7 hit silencer during haida finally but only at the end of the BBCS2 era :vbang:

  13. whos your team for KoF? you picked Athena didn't you!?

  14. Yeah, i did, sorry for not responding KOF is ballin. My last final is the 10th so we can hang out some that following week. We had a lot of people saturday, sorry you missed it. Glad you got kof. :)

  15. I just got 50 bucks from referring someone to a loan place so now I can get KoF :O