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  1. not much at all here just school mainly.

  2. i unno haku is good against ct jin u just have to wait alil bit smh but your good non thee less lol ima add u on XBL

  3. Ok that's really good distance, we wouldn't have horrible connection then, I'm montreal Quebec

  4. Added you, I won't have much of a chance to play you since I'm usually busy and I rarely play online nowadays. Where do you live, so I know what our connection will be like.

  5. Yeah and Hakumen is also my sub. You wanna fight sometimes?

  6. Take a look at my avatar, hakumen the blade of justice. I'm guessing noel is your main?

  7. So who do you use in BB?

  8. It happens to many people, but don't post so much, check out the site and requirements before you post. Most people don't which is why most people here get angry these days, not much tolerance when it happens everyday.

  9. Sorry I'm kinda new at this so I don't really know much about this website.

  10. I suck with Hakumen when I fight Jin. It's a really bad match up for him.

  11. u got a real solid haku *dap