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  1. Hey i know CS is an old game now, but i just wanted to thank you for that litchi itsuuA video helped me a lot.

  2. Yes I do :) One of my friends has some of our casuals up. I forgot he had them until last night. I'll put them up in the vid thread once I find them all

  3. any more vids of ur valk :)? problem with valk, there's not too many resources to learn from .. as a Litchi main, when I learned her at the start of CS, there was like more than 100 vids of JP and american players of her but with valk lol, like 10 jp player videos on youtube and 2 good american players and that's about it :(

  4. ATGMantenbo

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Video Posting

    :12 coulda 3D wolf canceled and hit him low into combo .. always works for me like in :15 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOwX_BsD5ds I like the wolf dashes you did at :22 pretty deceiving :46 really nice combo (I'm stealing that hehe) Question? can ppl confirm a 236C off 5C CH by reaction, I find it difficult but I do it every once in a while? 1:05 anti throw option select .. god I hate it when ppl do this to me 1:31 wait you can block after 6B first hit? and what throw combo do you do in corner? I do 2C > 6C > 2C > j.214B > 6B > 2C > W j.aaa > 236A > 236B > j.5C > etc 1:48 now I'm noticing the haku player is neutrally blocking high instead of low ... again 6c(whiff) wolf canceled to low woulda been nice 2:15 NICE! 2:17 going for a gold burst there .. it happens to me too lol all in all great performance EDIT: I managed to land a cool astral combo on a poor online Tagar, Enjoy hehe, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnAhXMNn3qA&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
  5. ATGMantenbo

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Video Posting

    great Advice, I tried implying what you said in my matches today and here's the result. no more fancy wolf combos and supers unless it's a killing combo. managed my wolf meter better. no scrubby autopilot for the most part. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOwX_BsD5ds critiques guys ,, BTW the song name is "wolf" im not even kidding hehe thx orion for the valuable advice, my valk is much better now
  6. ATGMantenbo

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Video Posting

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTErGVfexyk any critiques would be helpful
  7. No problem :) Glad I helped

  8. thx for the worded answer for my question in valk o and a thread :) it helped

  9. ATGMantenbo

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn Q&A

    ppl mash out when I wolf cancel moves and everything seems to stuff wolf cancels .. any advice? wolf cancel mixup only works on pros but scrubs mash jabs and get out for free
  10. My name was never changed. I just haven't been active on the Litchi board until now if thats what caused the confusion 0_o

  11. thx for uploading the NSB tourney on youtube. I'm looking forward to watching it

  12. who changed ur name? i asked half the mods to change my name and they refused and you .... FML

  13. ATGMantenbo

    [CS1-CSE] Litchi General Discussion

    sure but can you handle -10 bar connection? I'm in the middle east right now drifting with my FJ cruiser and riding dem camels ... nah just kidding about the camels part lol