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  1. I never finished Pokemon Y because I don't have a water pokemon to get to Victory Road, never even had the groove to return back after that depressing fact.

  2. ; A; Then I guess I'll just have to chat with Din.

  3. never actually I haven't been in a chat with anybody for a good while It's ok though it gives me time to work on Warriors Orochi 3 hue

  4. What days are you free to Skype on? I can chat on my mom's phone since she has unlimited data.

  5. yeah no Din still likes dick (Din if you read this go DAI)

  6. I know, the entire world has been flipped. Before you know it I might pay Din compliments instead of insults! ._. Heh, nah.

  7. wow so not only did you agree to me not buying BB, but you actually started playing Final Fantasy X? MAH SON

  8. Yo, shoutouts. It's okay that you didn't get BB, because I couldn't play with you and that's lame. Plus, it comes out in March. =V I got a bunch of games for Christmas that I've been working on 100%ing, a couple of Spyro games, Mirror's Edge (gdlk), and, I know you'll hate me, but FF13, which I actually like. I also got FF10-2 and FF12, so I might go ahead and actually start 10 once I beat 13. Been in a RPG mood lately.

  9. mah son still getting them platinums n shit did you know I almost imported BBCP a couple of weeks ago but said fuck that and went to watch porn instead? yup that's life hopefully when you come back I'll be done with Warriors Orochi 3 (already platinum'd Bioshock) so that we can chat and DAI

  10. Until February too. Q_Q Internet situation has gotten worse, we had to fix our well at home and car, setting us back about 2k for the internet. We were going to just get DSL while we saved so we could at least use the internet until we could get actual lines run out, but because Comcast built a station down in our area, they removed the DSL lines. So now we have no internet at all. Luckily, my parents' boss said she would give them $500 a month starting from March to June, but we'd like to try and get it before then. So, I'll probably be going back to my grandmother's in February and staying for two (maybe three) months. =V Also I got the BB platinum lol

  11. you are MAH SON and you DAI the end.

  12. Hellknight10

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    silly Kuro of course Team DAI DAI'd because we DAI
  13. I'm playing Pokemon...fuck.

  14. Hellknight10

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    son, why are you still playing this game actually why am I even here? GGs randomnetplayer2894