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  1. psycofang2

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Any recent news on this game? It kinda just vanished off the radar.
  2. Those are physical copies only, digital could be substantially higher.
  3. Please take susanoo discussion to the proper board, we need a bigger population there. QQ.
  4. maybe its an accident? try their inputs and see? or did you and it still didnt work?
  5. you sure? they were unlocked in the jp demo
  6. Done, I'm not making the video or combo thread though since OP has to update those.

  7. maccy delete my other topic i didnt know youd make 1

  8. 2c (2) is jump cancelable on block.
  9. Hes still crazy and does laugh during his arcade mode. He tore hinself from the suit for multiple reasons especially to not have amaterasu screwing with him. Theres a possibility this was his original personality before he became unhinged/terumi. That and him being the full authority of the Susanoo i feel its fitting
  10. 6800 yen. Itll run you 70 dollars.
  11. They shouldn't since Susu isnt op seemingly since hes pretty gimped at the start of the round and has to work to unlock everything. Its probably just another mu-12 incident.
  12. I can confirm hes not, or at least not yet.
  13. It should i had 79000 money when i booted up the game.
  14. Yup. Energy highlights change color.