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  1. Dat ch combo was sexy no lie.
  2. there you go
  3. ill upload an example as explaining it would be weird
  4. Any recent news on this game? It kinda just vanished off the radar.
  5. Good news! Im off tomorrow so the OP will undergo some...cleanliness revisions. I appreciate everyones efforts and you will be credited accordingly.
  6. Thats fine and again i appreciate the effort applied. Ill paste it over the OP once i get home which wont be until midnight Est. if i can go home that is...
  7. Youre missing the point i fear, its not about need or must or how. Its about logical practicality. 9/10 times you will NOT land those specific normals at the start of the round to unlock those specific nodes. Hell, youll have to poke your way into landing those combos and by that point they wont unlock the nodes the notation claims it will. I could put those combos copy paste as is but in a live match those combos will not work out the way they claim they will and we will have a high chance of new players scratching their heads.
  8. I appreciate this a lot, ive been working some serious 16+ hour shifts a lot so my time has been strapped. Any revisions for better comprehension is never turned down imo. My gripe is the unlocks and positions, the reason I don't put those in is due to the fact that mid match combos wont result in what the notation is claiming it will do so I only leave in positions moved, so I may change those accordingly if it doesn't bother you.
  9. Ill fix it once i get home. Probably an error from an evernote
  10. Those are physical copies only, digital could be substantially higher.
  11. Go Jago? You can do it?
  12. Yup thats it. It stuns on counter too.
  13. Please take susanoo discussion to the proper board, we need a bigger population there. QQ.
  14. thanks a ton guys once i get the rest ready ill do some thread clean up and have them all adhere to the notation, embed videos and etc. Good work this is highly appreciated (and you guys mooted half the combos i was going to post).
  15. ive also compiled the next list of combos so ill be posting them soon.