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  1. maccy delete my other topic i didnt know youd make 1

  2. k was feeding my boy.

  3. takes time to get my bitch smacking right. gotta warm up and get it juuuust right. then its critical hits all the way, i knida wish this game was melty blood.

  4. sometime in the near past. (after i play DC with the wife, and lose to you a couple times cuz i r rusteh as hell)

  5. thats a perfect time if applicable. Ill be working all day so i was hoping for a few matches around dusk.

  6. are you free tomorrow? im in need of practising with jin. and to talk to you of course.

  7. odd. idk what to say tbqh, maybe you using the wrong method? i remember it being different per router.

  8. maybe your ports are closed?

  9. but im not an RSTD hakumen, im an incredibly lazy one. also is your connection fixed> can we play each other now?

  10. dont need it, hakumens sword will be the space between your soul and your corpse.

  11. I knew this day would come. ;~;

  12. My names on the package, i had people look at me weird before.

  13. Just say you are french, theyll shut up.

  14. never seen hotaru beat a yukikaze. usually i see them get hit out. mk hey mail me some yaku soba faggot.

  15. not on jump start up but on use. you know like her what i believe is her comet cannon, backwards dash into forward Drive punch. it can hit hotaru much like you do vs any DP. if you sense it coming it can hit him...and fatal him.

  16. idk you play like me, really street fighter esque. stay in their face, just on knockdown you dont do much from all we've played. 2A on my wake up or that backwards D punch whenever i DP with any character who obviously has a DP like with my ragna/jin you get really focused on my DP use. where as with hakumen, despite common belief, hotaru isnt invincible it can be horribly punished especially by makoto, jin, hakumen, ragna can trade and noel. you seem to just ignore the fact i can hotaru on wake up and thats what ussually gets me out, oh and the anti air thing. you should record a match and watch how many times you do makotos anti air while im up there, a good 2+ times. its pretty linear. i cant tell you what to do because then ill know what you wont do and what you will. i did fight this 1 makoto that made me block his JA until we landed then hit me with 6B as soon as we landed because im retarded. shit like that.

  17. wont be playin for quite a long while lol. go ahead and transfer back.

  18. sure whenever you want just pm me on psn

  19. yo i missed out on being able to mail bioshock so i was going to do all my mailing this friday . had to go shopping and didnt have enough to mail. :P

  20. no you're retarded. Hakumen is not retarded in anyway shape or form. he created the bb universe fucker. AJUST DO IIIIIIIIT~

  21. you do better than quite a few of them and in a shorter time. i wont tell you how to play or what to do. just be careful about approaching. except my jin thats just me being retarded.

  22. lol idk whats going on with it since yesterday. shit sucks.

  23. i work night shift and some of day since i dont sleep all that long or often

  24. whenever you feel like it im ussually free in the afternoons after work.

  25. its all cool yo. like i said speak to me honestly, i dont have a problem with it, i do hate when people hide their feelings/frustrations. its annoying and dishonest. i understand you want to keep things in a composed mannerm as do i, but people who get bothered easily by an arbitrary comment aimed at a fictional character is something that bothers me. know that id never aim anything disrespectful at you personally unless we were close enough friends like me and toan, even then its always playful. im never serious with my words. so i apologise if i irked you. i hope you understand.