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  1. Shervin

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I dont play Hakumens for free anymore give me a reason to give you a rematch Time is money. So im wasting money just by playing you
  2. Shervin

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Get this confused lost bum ass Hakumen the fuck outta here
  3. that video greatly appeased me.

  4. fuck mac chaos & every hakumen who reads this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrHfoar_T1E

  5. Shervin

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    i also got this new patch that blocks out posts from nut ass hakumens check it out
  6. Shervin

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    yo AXIS get mac chaos the fuck outta here i was bored and hungry so i went on xbl to eat up some hakumens (had to blow off the dust off my BB havent touched this shit in a lowkey minute) and bum ass mac chaos strolled online thinking this was some kinda walk in the park. we did a FT10 and he got his ass chewed 9-2. i decided fuck it i got a final tomorrow at 8am i might as well study for that while i play, so he took a couple matches while i was busy w that shit. then i said ight this bull thinks hes tough... threw on some Ludacris and then closed this fools casket. got nothing more to say bout this bum. peace
  7. Shervin

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    didnt read any of the posts above me but handing out free ass whippins on xbl with tager tonight, specifically on any hakumens. so if any hakus wanna be humbled you know where 2 find me
  8. cant you say that about anything "good players have good execution" "good players have good footsies" "good players have good spacing" etc
  9. Your favorite guy Online Tony apparently won a tourney in MK doing some type of block infinite with Kabal or something Lol. Allegedly.

  10. Shervin

    [CS2] Iron Tager vs Arakune

    so does that whole "just block up when youre cursed because he does more damage if he hits low" theory still apply
  11. Shervin

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    this ib nerf be fucking my game ALL the way up
  12. im done this thursday bro but you gotta ask the big dog himself when hes comin back

  13. We should plan something after CS2 release. When does school end for you? Are you working this Summer? Will mAc be back anytime soon?

  14. give me a time and date homie