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  1. Chupon

    [+R] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    Is there something specific to do with a full LV3 meter? I remember doing something like jHS > S > HS > lv3 RI > jc > lv3 BRP > S > HS > lv2 BRP in AC (damage was pretty decent and it was a flashy combo :p) but I don't know if there's still something like this (or maybe better) in +R. More generally, is it worth trying to use 2 lv3 attacks in the same combo?
  2. Chupon

    [+R] Potemkin Combo Discussion

    Hello guys. I'm having trouble trying to do the APB loop in the corner (c.S > APB > c.S > APB and so on). More exactly, I'm having trouble doing the APB in the right direction (to stay close to the wall). Do you have some advice to get the inputs right? It should be something like (right corner) c.S > jc.7 > APB... but it seems I'm inputing 8 or 9 in the process so I get the wrong direction and everything is messed. Is there an easier way to do it (TK APB for example?) or do I just have to train again and again? Thanks.
  3. Chupon

    I-no vs Potemkin

    Hey, thanks for the analysis! Well, I often do 6H > Slidehead when I'm far to the opponent but not here because : I didn't know it was a safe move (is it?), especially this close (pressing in the corner). I thought blocking or instant blocking the 6H could lead to IAD > combo over the Slidehead (I got punished a few times, maybe I was wrong). I won't do the OTG followup after the Slidehead, because we both agreed it was abused (and not very funny, I used once in the vid, maybe when we'll be better, I'll change my mind), so I think it's better to try varying my mixups. When I'm close to I-no, I tried many times to FRC the 6H into PB, but failed, haha. So it became 6H > nothing-wtf?!-just-throw-a-random-move without really thinking of what I could do after that. Anyway, thanks for the answer, TheRealBobMan
  4. Chupon

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Yep French PO player. Training ABA/Sol/OS/Zappa
  5. Chupon

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    http://ggxxnet.free.fr/?p=request Replies added to requests list. Should be a bit more useful now.
  6. Chupon

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    "Requests" added on the replay machine. No reply at the moment, will add them soon. http://ggxxnet.free.fr/?p=request (I know it's pretty useless without the possibility to reply :'( )
  7. Chupon

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    Thanks guys! Reams> Yeah I see what you mean, I'll try to look what I can do.
  8. Chupon

    [#R] The offical Replay thread

    Hello everyone! I would like to show you a website project I started working on many months ago and I've never find the time to finish until yesterday. It's called the GGXXNET Replay Machine : http://ggxxnet.free.fr/ So what is it about? It's a little website which allows GG#R players to upload their replays and share them with anyone. The main interest is the search engine. Once the database will be filled with enough replays, one can make a search through it to find matchups involving a specific character, player, or versus. I think it can be useful to learn a lot from others. Few examples : - I want to learn Zappa => I search all matches including Zappa as player and d/l the replays. - I want to learn the Testament vs Potemkin matchup => I search all matches including Testament AND Potemkin. - I want to know what to do against JohnSmith (or againt JohnSmith's specific character) => blahblah... - and so on and so forth. When a replay is submitted, it appears in the list and can be commented or rated. What do you think of it? Would you be interested in filling the database with your favorite replays? Thank you.
  9. Same for me. I think it's my connection and yes, it's very very annoying.
  10. I don't think these things are kept in memory. Should be reloaded every new match.
  11. GGs smilzoboboz, I remember your Chipp I hate fighting Chipp when I play Po... It's like trying to catch a (deadly) fly with a hand XD
  12. Chupon \ [Evil_Team]Chupon.FR \ France (Lille) \ Delay 4