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  1. Lufenia

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I DID FOR A WHILE. (`ε´) but I still watch bb videos every day. :L just haven't played myself. i'm /somewhat/ excited for cp. xD we should try making a room this weekend. EC people only though! my net's too horrible to deal with anything else. Dx the other reason i haven't been on is because of lag, which is mostly my side since i live in the woods and my average download speed is 2.5 if i'm lucky. i'm so far out in the country they can't even increase the download/upload it even if I DID have the money :/
  2. Lufenia

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    jeeeesus so you can just.... how is that comfortable... ・`ヘ´・ also I might be playing bb this week. I haven't for like 3-4 months i think. let the lag begin with my horrible internet~ :/
  3. Lufenia

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    do you guys have big hands? or do you play that 'claw' thing style like a stick? xD I personally can't press A and B comfortably with the same finger :C so i use L1 usually
  4. TD

    forgot about her. yeah valentine is probably who she'd get come to think of it.

  5. Lufenia

    awwww mannn... are you kidding izayoi....? :/// well, Kliff would be kinda funny looking unless saya has some type of resemblance to him ._. maybe Valentine.

  6. TD

    no because izayoi already has it. she'd get kliff or justice most likely. no one has kliff. justice, l think someone has but still she's the final boss or at least the most known in that sense

  7. Lufenia

    sesame street rachel..! YES D;< i like most of the new colors for most of the cast, I wonder if Saya will get Testament palette from GG? o:

  8. TD

    l used that color too so that sucks. l dunno why but it always reminded me of oscar from sesame street. l know it's a horrible comparison... but it was very nostalgic... l guess. all these new colors are very nice, it doesn't seem like people are feeling them but l think they're very good especially on rachel and litchi.

  9. Lufenia

    i'm so sad my second to the bottom old looking palette is gone. u_u was my favorite T^T for the cp i like the last palette white/gold/black/red and the Nyarko :l

  10. TD

    no idea, probably all of them like l do in ex. spread the love to all the colors.

  11. Lufenia

    same here :I what palette are you gonna use in CP for rachel? 0:

  12. TD

    that's weird cause l thought we were already friends :v:

  13. TD

    for joo cute-food-bee-cake.jpg happy bday :toot: