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  1. There is going to be another one of the 8th

  2. This Friday we're having some gaming session, interested?

  3. Gaaaah... I guess I cooould maaybe try Melty next week, but I get pwned so hard against real players... Although AA is so much better for me than AC....
  4. I like the idea of a 3 character GG! I might actually bother entering a tourney like that. ^__^
  5. I said it in the Airdashers thread too, but the tourney was awesome guys~ and that white Taokaka player, omfg that was just awesome. <3 Tao~
  6. Melty Blood is more fun now that I've gotten better at beating Shiki Tohno and Shiki Nanaya! Woot. Tourney was awesome today~ And OMG that white Tao player was so awesome, I am extremely envious... and enamored.
  7. Is someone going to bring a more reliable MBAA for Sunday?? (No offence Id, we appreciate your efforts.)
  8. Yes I want to play a non 5-minute+ load time Actress Again!
  9. rofl... wow... wonder if someone google-bombed that, or is there is Mecha-Hitler out there?
  10. Yeah, Severin needs to learn Melty better.
  11. OMG, it was "Let's play as Nrvnqsr Chaos" day?! I thought that was next month! Good matches though... Although Actress Again was more fun, Id you need to figure out something to aid your PS2 situation... Thanks for bringing it though~ And to Severin, did Mike Z find and kick you?
  12. I can't believe that I beat your Mech-Hisui Id.... if even only 1 match.. I really must be getting better.