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  1. SteelCoil

    [P4A] Labrys - Optimal Combo Thread

    Probably nobody cares, but since I don't see it here, you can go from green to red off of AoA in the corner by spending 25 meter. For the one time that happens, you can use this: AoA~D > 5A > 5B > 214AB > 2B > sjc > j.B > j.214B [DMG 5538]
  2. SteelCoil

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Liz's j.B is not considered disjointed; it's a projectile. Disjointed moves are physical moves that have disjointed hitboxes, which are significantly sized hitboxes that don't have a hurtbox overlapping with them. Examples of this are Yu's 5B, which has no hurtbox on the sword, or Labrys's rocket punch, which despite its range, is physical and gets caught by Kanji's DP. It's very confusing to state that a disjointed move is some other thing when it's oh so useful for describing Yu 5B as a potent poke.
  3. SteelCoil

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Here are some shadow related tweets from @LordKnightBB -Shadow characters hold meter between rounds (like SF4) -Shadow chars dont go into awakening -During shadow berserk mode, you can do unlimited special cancels??? (@jiyunaJP also says that it allows to spam supers on a timer) -Shadow characters have different movesets So the cast has effectively doubled. I approve of this.
  4. SteelCoil

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    AMERIKAJIN ‏@jiyunaJP 2m Shadow characters don't have a Burst, but they can go into a Super mode(?) that drains meter. They start round with 100 meter. #p4u Wat.
  5. Well, that mindset is especially important if you are using a stick and can't go at 100%, so you don't get enraged. I have always played 360 pad, so when I go to the majors I just go to goof around, I don't expect to put in a serious effort because I can't play on ps3 pad or stick well. If I place well then it's just a bonus.

  6. But CP is faster in comparison, so looking at CSEX is kind of hard. I honestly had more fun with CS2, although that had less to do with the game itself and more to do with me more into the BB series in general. I'm too hyped about the new P4U to think about anything else :p And I'll keep your advice in mind. I hope the venue is not too loud so I don't have to yell for conversations.

  7. Man, these majors keep coming so fast. Summer Jam time already and I am gonna miss that. It's not that slow. Not slower than CS1 anyway. Haku was top in that too. Or at least top-ish. If you want to have fun at a major, don't go in there with an intention to do super well or anything. Just go there to have fun, and whatever you place is just a side effect. That is what I usually do. And if you are staying the night in the hotels, you can hunt down people and play lots of casuals. (I live close to the area so I usually just drive home after the singles tournament, but I would play casuals all over the place if I had rented rooms.)

  8. I bought CSEX once, and then barely played it lol. Luckily Hakumen seems good in CP, so I won't miss my one chance to be in top tier. After watching a lot of CP, I don't even want to play any more CSEX. It's pretty slow. I'm planning on going to Summer Jam for P4A, though. I'm out of practice in fighting games in general, and I have to get used to the new PS3 stick I got, so I don't plan on doing well or anything. And I have to save up for that PS3 to play CP. Good thing the PS4 is on the horizon.

  9. I knew I saw your avatar in the post feed. Still play BB?

  10. Not as much buttons for me! School and just sitting around doing nothing. Guilty Gear is always definitely worth a shot, that game is amazing. My mangoes spread is kind of all over the place. Don't read as much anymore, but I'll read a couple month's worth of updates in something every once in a while.

  11. I haven't been playing P4A at all recently. I took a break waiting for my stick to get dual modded, and now that I know that's not going to happen, I kind of don't want to play it much. I did download Guilty Gear, though, so I might get into that, but I don't really know who to play. I might try out Ky or ABA. Read any manga? It seems to be my favorite past time now. Bokurano is probably my favorite, but Tower of God is super interesting (even though it's actually manhwa).

  12. Whoa, I just got this. I've been doing ok. Haven't been playing as much but I still show up to the biweeklies. Still on the fence about NEC, although probably not. Finals and whatnot. Doing good mostly. You?

  13. Hey, remember me? I was the Labrys player at the Rokrew gathering a few months ago. Well, I know I said that I would come once a month, but I wanted to get my stick dual modded first. It turns out, my particular stick cannot be dual modded. And it took me a while to figure that out, too.... So I have to get a new stick just for PS3 if I don't want to deal with the extra lag. That's going to take a while. How've you been doing?

  14. SteelCoil

    [P4A] Labyrs - Q&A Thread

    Charge 5B > 236B will work on everyone except Labrys, Shadow Labrys, and Naoto iirc. Edit: Oh, didn't see the Esports post. Well now you have double confirmation from me.
  15. SteelCoil

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Throwing after the A followup doesn't work. Maybe it works if they are mashing? It definitely doesn't work if they just block though.