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  1. Brainbox is next Saturday, not tomorrow. You can do both.
  2. I'll be there Fri, Sat, and possibly Sun, not sure yet.
  3. Shoutouts to all the pussies that missed out on an enjoyable, hooker-free, better-than-Denny's meal last night. Anyway, what'd you guys think of casuwolcotts 1.0? Anything I should change in the patch? There's still some things in Glastonbury that haven't been moved yet, so this isn't the finalized product, but I'm interested to hear what you think I can do to make it more enjoyable for you guys.
  4. Is that the same thing as Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine? Dude, we should totally play that. And yeah, casuals at the new place on Sat, lemme know if anyone needs the address.
  5. Oh man, are we just gonna keep running with this?
  6. Goddamnit Vyers, you're supposed to know these things!
  7. I have a connector cord that probably belongs to you, I'll give it back to you next time. Also, I'm pming everyone with my new address for (hopefully) next week. Also, http://i842.photobucket.com/albums/zz345/Why-Disciple/fuujin.gif
  8. Okay, this came up a lot sooner than I expected, but just so everyone knows, today will be the last day I'll be holding casuals in Glastonbury. The condo's going up for sale, and I found out the realtor needs all the tvs out of the basement so I can't stay for a few months like I was originally hoping. I'll be in Wolcott, CT for now on, until I move again, I guess. This does not mean the end of Whysuals, however, because my new place/mother's basement is much more spacious, comes with an extra CRT TV and possibly another couch, and has its own bathroom, fridge, and entrance to avoid awkward encounters with my folks. Also, you can park in the street instead of in a parking lot two blocks away, and there's a diner only about five minutes away instead of ten. The only downside to this is that it's 30 minutes west of Glastonbury, so it's extra driving for most (but not all). I'll let you know the address and date I'll start there, hopefully people will still be willing to come.
  9. No snow down here, we're still good if you are.
  10. Does he have an account on dustloop (or some other fg forum)? I can send him a pm with my number and everything. Also if anyone hears a doorbell and I don't, feel free to check either way, I'm not the only one who answers it anyway.
  11. Please tell me you're joking. The only time I wasn't in the basement and wouldn't have heard the doorbell is in the ten minutes I was out getting food, and if he had common sense I'm sure he would call you if no one was answering, instead of coming all this way and then just turning around and leaving, twice.