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  1. SL021

    [CSE] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Some of these things just sound silly. Guess I need to see it in action.
  2. Like I said, calling dibbs on Rise or Naoto. Dayum, so hyped for this.
  3. SL021

    Battle247 Presents - Revelations Online Tournament!

    I had the same problem as the other guys, but logged into chat and talked to the admin. The issue was cleared and I was able to enter the tournament. GL to everyone :P
  4. You have a fabulous avatar, huey. Anyway, I want to go. Looks really fun and I'd like to get out of this state for once.
  5. I see, thanks! Yeah, I do have the problem of mashing backdash. I've noticed that 6D was hitting it alot. Will try to fix and become more solid!

  6. you are getting better.., just stop backdashing and mashing 720/360 so much and you'll be good.... get a good timing, at the end my 6D keep hitting you coz of backdash, but otherwise it's fine.

  7. barely... lol only srs in BB

  8. Anything other than BB?