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  1. Konflyk

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Because they haven't taken the very first available lobby since the release of the JP game almost 3 months ago, okay.
  2. Konflyk

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    No, and they(we) need to find a designated lobby in which to hang out with, I don't want to mingle with the Japanese, take up space and can't find a single game to play in.
  3. Konflyk

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Anyone trying to get some games in? PSN
  4. This is directed to anyone else who pre-ordered digitally, as of now does anyone know how to get their DLC system voices? Mines are locked out as "already been purchased/not available" yet they don't appear in the gallery. Currently doing remix heart story to see if it will unlock it or something.
  5. Litchi 30 is what, 3 uses of shishin? I tried everything even spamming CT's to no avail I've come up with no clear strategy to getting that done unless there is some type of special property for the move in OD that I haven't attempted yet.
  6. I don't mind whipping some stuff up online with you, I was playing some Litchi online, I'm positive they're here on DL I don't remember their name though, not bad at all I learned a few things mostly neutral game though and opening up people.
  7. Like I said it's good and all until I get magnetized, then the match is over, seems moot to bother w/mixup at times since everyone just mashes 5/2A(360A) on block anyway, I'll just use Ragna or something, I feel like other characters have better options than Litchi once caught.
  8. 4B(bait) Tsubamegaishi is a nice little tactic I use to throw people off when I need something. Also when are we going to get our CP match-up thread up and going? I don't mind throwing out some stuff I've discovered/thought of after playing over the weekend but I'm sure the Japanese have already provided ample information. I specifically need to know what to do with Tager, it seems like once he gets a knockdown the match is over.
  9. Not going digital star, I am disappoint
  10. Gallery, also why Kurushii avoid me in the lobby?
  11. It's immediate, there is no "delaying" in this version of the game for Litchi more or less all her combos are pretty much input after input unless there is some staff hold involved.
  12. In 4 hours I will be ready to kick your ass in CP.

  13. Stop mashing and it won't be as difficult.