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  1. im up for da challenge me arakune brother ^__^

  2. DUDE! Anytime, but sorry if I'm off playing something else with my other buddies. I gotta give you a few more matches now that you put me on blast on Youtube! hahaha!

  3. jakeblaze wants 2 go >___< needs more kunesssssssssssssssss

  4. Oh im trying to find some people to spar with around ga area any suggestions?

  5. No sorry I don't. I don't have a dual modded stick either unfortunately. According to the Ga match finder thread those guys all get together pretty regularly so hopefully someone has an extra ps3 stick so I can play the local comp.

  6. Hi im from ga to i live n smyrna u have a ps3?

  7. anyone wanna spar with me on ps3 psn jakeblaze101 youtube jakeblaze2004

  8. i was tryin to send a message to someone im still new to dis dustloop stuff

  9. Don't make threads like that one you made in Arakune matchup forum.

  10. sure dude just add me on psn i havent been on in a while because i had a lil tourny with friends n new jersey i live in georgia but ill be back on the 8th of nexxt month i can play you on my friends psn if u want just let me kno

  11. sup raiza long time no see