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  1. Yoshara

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    I don't know how well known this is, but apparently Yosuke's Moonsault has a completely invincible start up.
  2. Yoshara

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Actually it looks like he has a different move that uses seals this time.
  3. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya's General Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Some info on Makoto's changes/additions in CP: Shooting Star is no longer a follow up to 214A, and instead is 236D, and it looks to have it's own follow up with A. 214A~D is now a new move called Cosmic Ray 214A~C~D is now a new move called Lander(?) Blow and her Overdrive is called G(Galaxia) Impact - It causes all of her drives to be instant level 3.
  4. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    Actually, that might be possible. Too bad none of us have access to this game, otherwise so much science would be happening right now.
  5. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    That seems to be the case. I guess they were trying to prevent a character from having 3k midscreen, without a good confirm. EDIT: Now I know why they removed 5CC comboing into 6B unless on crouch, and why 6B no longer forces crouch. It was to prevent her from having this as the go to bnb (because of how much more damage it does compared to every other meterless midscreen combo), and force her to vary up her combo's.
  6. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    Just gonna respond to some of these: 2C: How is it that you can only land it in the corner now (no sass, legit question)? 5D/2D/j.D: From what I have seen they all are still treated as seperate moves, so you can still do a 5D level 2 RC into a combo and still be able to throw in a 5D level 3. Really, it looks like it was just there to remove the 2D lvl 1 > 5CC mini loop, but not to remove that as a combo option entirely. Shooting Star: Well, it might be good depending on how much faster it is, because right now (CS2) it might as well not have any invincibility frames (frame 1 - 6 invincible, but starts up in 22 frames), but it looks like they might have changed it so it can be an oki ender in combos. Break Shot: It might be possible to combo off of it midscreen, considering how it is followed up in the corner, but that is a big might. Mars Chopper: Really, they just traded it's comboability with Stargazer, which makes sense, considering the normal rule of mixup is "Block low, react high". Space Counter: I still think CS2 parry is the only thing of Makoto's that was legitimately broken (everything else was dumb, but the parry is what put her over the top), due to it being a reversal that you could setup an offense with, so I am okay with some of the nerfs. Judging by said nerfs, they were trying to make it less of an all use reversal, and more of a counter reversal/good read move, to give it a different use from Corona Upper. EDIT: Apparently you can link 5A off of Mars Chopper on Tager in CS2. What this means for CSEX is if they lowered the pushback on Mars Chopper, and kept the frame data the same, we might be able to combo off of Mars Chopper meterless, but of course that is a big maybe.
  7. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    Goro was originally a Lambda main who switched to Makoto just because he didn't like CS2 Lambda, so really, that was kinda what I expected to happen. Also, a lot of Makoto mains originally were Ragna mains, and in CS2 Makoto pretty much did everything Ragna did, but better, and now that Ragna is good they went back. EDIT: Really, we are using one of the least used characters in the game in the first place, and the only real reason so many people used her in Japan in CS2 was just because she was the best, so it only makes sense that when the characters they originally were playing/switched from get better that they will switch back.
  8. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    I can kinda see the whole damage being lowered complaint, especially now that some characters (especially Ragna) got a damage boost, but those boosts don't leave her damage in the dust, in fact, her damage is on average pretty decent (ie; midscreen off of 2A starter with no meter is 2.2k, 2.9k off of 5B, and in the corner around 3.5k to 4.5k, depending on the starter, and all of these end with good positioning/oki). Really, my biggest worry was that she would end up like CS2 Ragna or Bang, where she pretty much gets nothing in terms of damage or oki midscreen, unless it is with meter or a good counter/crouch confirm, but as I have seen that isn't the case. Don't get me wrong, I don't think she will be high tier, but I do think she will be a decent choice, and probably in the middle to higher end of mid, just based on what it would take to be downright bad in this game. Now for all I know though, she could end up being a decent choice but still among the weakest.
  9. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    In order: 1. They removed it 'cause it's kinda dumb (My reversals give me a full combo, without using meter) 2. That is just to limit damage from being too out of control, especially seeing as Particle Flare by itself did pretty decent damage. 3. All this means is you need to get better at hit confirming, and it's not like 6B is all that slow still. 4. You can still get orb oki, but it is in more specific situations (that Omni never mentioned). One thing that quite a few Makoto players don't realize, is that some of her stuff was kinda dumb (ie; Parry, 'cause holy shit was that move amazing in CS2). FAKE EDIT: Really, looking at her change list, it seems that they just wanted to nerf her combo game and Parry, leaving her pressure, rushdown, and mixup relatively the same, to give her a different mindset (She is now less based on corner carry and massive damage, and more based doing acceptable damage and ending every combo on oki, and beginning the process all over again), and really, I like it because this new mindset reminds me of Sol in Accent Core. REAL EDIT: I think what I am saying is: While I kinda understand that some people would be saddened at how her changes remove the focus from what got them wanting to play the character, I actually like them, because they bring her more along to what I enjoy about her, and I can understand the mindset involved in the changes ("this character has better pressure, mixup, oki, and damage when compared to our other similar rushdown character. I think we may need to change something here")
  10. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    It's only on a juggle, but like I said, it is the same as CS2.
  11. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    This is not a change, it was in CS2.
  12. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15881066 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15881304 First match in each. I have to admit, I kinda liked what I saw (aside from the whole not going for optimal combos thing). EDIT: Fixed the first video link to be the proper video.
  13. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    That makes sense for why the increase was such a small number, and almost static. EDIT: Wait, actually it looks like there was a slight buff: "j.C > 5B > 5CC > 5D lvl 3 > 214A~C~C (no mashing) > 5CC > JC > j.B > JC > j.D lvl 3" does 3423 in CS2 and 3439 in CSEX.
  14. Yoshara

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    According to some quick damage checking I just did (doing the same combo as was done in a CSEX video, and looking at the difference in damage) it seems that, on average, her damage on individual hits is pretty much untouched just she can't do as long of combos. What this also means is that her basic midscreen combo, depending on the starter, could pull around 3k. The testing method I did was just doing the same combo and comparing the damage of each hit, and what I found was: The following combo of "2A > 5B > 5CC > 214A~C~B(rapid here in CS2) > 2A > 5C > JC > j.B > JC > j.B > 623C~D lvl 3" did 2051 in CS2, and in CSEX did 2192. Now doing that same combo in CS2, but with better prorating moves (instead of 2A starter and to pick up stargazer I used 5B for both, and instead of jump canceling off of 5C I used 6A), it netted 2937, and factoring in that in CSEX Makoto does about the same damage on individual hits, she should be pulling 2.9k off of that in CSEX, and off of a jump in j.CC she would pull about 3.3K.