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  1. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Indeed. No, I've got the answer. Make it a lollipop emitting smoke. Like in Gintama.
  2. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    "That's what I was thinking. What the crap? Noel doesn't smoke!"
  3. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Yeah, me too. I didn't read the original books, but I looked her up on wiki after watching that new Alice one, and it seems people have always confused them since the creation of the character, and Tim Burton tried especially hard in that new movie to sort the two out, and make it clear that they were different people. Just try to rest up on your little hiatus, lol. It sounds like you're overworking yourself, and that's not good. I mean, I couldn't imagine drawing one fanart for someone let alone, a bunch... Besides, it's best for us requesters to be patient and respect the artists' rights. Lol.
  4. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Sure, I actually was going to do so earlier, but I thought it'd seem like I couldn't make up my mind. Sure though, I'm sure no matter what it's like, it'll be great! That's not how I meant it, and of course I apologize in earnest to anyone who might've taken offense. Sumimasen. To allow artist freedom, I'd request that one of you draw Robo-Jin interacting in some way with Robo-Bang(God's greatest creation) I'm sure this could be interesting and fun, and it leaves some room for the artist to express themselves. Sound okay? EDIT:Here, for anyone who thinks this'll be fun. I likey.
  5. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Why does this make me think of BaikenxCarl, and why does the idea make me want to puke?
  6. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    I must admit to not really having delved into these threads very often, before. I've only seen how awesome Yuyu, and Sesame are, and I ran with it. Care to point me to some of Michi's work? I'd love to get to know some more artist's works.
  7. Haha, s'all good, actually, Circ was even nice enough to not give me an infraction or anything. Besides, everyone should know what Office Space is! Lol.

  8. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    THIS. This I why I wanted Sesame to or Yuyu to draw mine. This is just amazing, just absolutely amazing. This is better than a good amount of the official stuff.
  9. Sorry, I am a bit dastardly. But you get major respect for knowing what Office Space is! :D

  10. Yukianesa Drive

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    That sounds like a horrible idea, you know. Like...Like an invitation for bad things to happen to you! Yes, indeed, avoid doing that again.
  11. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Of course this is what I had thought. But this picture doesn't really make me think that at all. The way it looks, it's like. Well, oh well, I'll just continue believing that it's the suit. Meh, could be. After all, losing your arm does that to you, medical fact, you know. Anyway, more importantly, The Ragna in your Avy looks waaay too much like Inuyasha at first glance... God...
  12. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Have fun with that. Thanks for the consideration, man. Also, man that's awesome, never got why Jin's hair is suddenly grey though, I mean, WTF? Why did that happen, he isn't physically older, so that isn't why.
  13. Yukianesa Drive

    BlazBlue/GuiltyGear Fanart [Request/Fill] [CLOSED]

    Wow, nice, other than her right arm looking a little stiff, that's pretty great!