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    Destination Gear 12 (SWE)

    Destination: Gear is a series of Guilty Gear-tournaments, now including Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late. It will have at least a singles tournament in all games, and a 3v3 in GGXrd. Times in CET: 10:00 – Guilty Gear singles pools start. DE brackets to top 8. 12:00 – Guilty Gear “Adventure” brackets start. DE brackets to GF. 14:00 – Guilty Gear 3v3 starts. DE brackets up to top4. 16:00 – Food break 17:00 – 22:00 Finals! 1. Xrd 3v3 (top4) 2. UNIB ”Adventure” GF 3. UNIB (top8) 4. Xrd ”Adventure” GF 5. Xrd (top8) 22:00 – Money matches and exhibition matches. Stream: http://twitch.tv/ludendi
  2. I completely agree with Hellmonkey <3 Also, I thought I might as well post the link to my new Baiken combo video here. (The Videos-forum in the Media Centre is jam-packed with stuff.) There are however only a few basic combos in this one. If people are interested I could upload some variants of the very damaging [ xyz > 6HS jD > knockdown ] variants that you see in the beginning of the video. Without any proper editing then, of course. These combos can be utilized against a large part of the cast from anywhere semi-close to the corner with 25 % tension. You also open up to more and better okizeme-options than with combos that end with Zakuros. Enjoy frc flying bacon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRvbPcJblew Feel free to ask any questions <3 /Shinjin @Shinjinnnn
  3. Shinjin

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    【GG】 Bag of Tricks (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edlZtSy1mK8&list=UUBYFtLj6GCEMR4v0cQy29dw Old video that I decided to upload feat. some tricks and some of hat Bacon damage' at the very end. More to come?
  4. Shinjin

    Guilty Gear Sweden with Shinjin

    Guilty Gear Sweden with Shinjin: today also feat. Glenn and Nehle! Casual session with some of the finest that non-Japanese Guilty Gear has to offer! Starts around 14:00/15:00 CET. http://twitch.tv/guiltygearsweden
  5. Shinjin

    Guilty Gear Sweden with Shinjin

  6. Shinjin

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    Umeå Fight Capital 2014 Top 3 (Northern Sweden) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN0af9AYJzA WF: hale(fa) vs Yonasu(sl) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWphDHDzLHY LF: Jerry(ju) vs ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNNRzjRF_MI GF: ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_PN2wz_mb8
  7. until
  8. Shinjin

    [GGAC] Baiken Guide: Read this first!

    Ok, some basic examples: Midscreen (far from corner) - 6p 9 jK Tatami FRC ad Tatami > ad lib (e.g. dash 6hs Tatami 9 jK 9 jHS Tatami etc... or dash 5s 9 jK 9 jHS Tatami etc...) Midscreen (close from corner) - 6p 9 jD FRC ad Tatami > ad lib (e.g. dash 6hs Tatami 9 jK 9 jHS Tatami etc... or dash 5s 9 jK 9 jHS Tatami etc...) Midscreen (close from corner) - 6p 9 jS jD FRC ad jHS Tatami > 6k2hs 6p suzuran-zakuro Corner - 6p Tatami 9 jK 9 JHS Tatami etc. OR 6p jD frc Tatami > ad lib (e.g. dash 6hs Tatami 9 jK 9 jHS Tatami etc... or dash 5s 9 jK 9 jHS Tatami etc...) Basically; jK Tatami FRC ad Tatami is a combo part used for corner carry, jD FRC ad Tatami does also carries but not as long, and in the corner you have a lot of options. Well, you can combo tatami directly from throw on Venom. I would recommend you to either: 1) Throw, Tatami, dash 5s 9 jK 8 jHS Tatami 6p suzuran-zakuro (corner kd) [130 something damage, good tension gain] or if I want to be a little bit more safe (in terms of execution) 2) Throw, dash 6p(2) kabari, 5s 6p(2) suzuran-zakuro [110 damage, good tension gain] Edit: It feels like this discussion should be in the combo thread...
  9. Shinjin

    [GGAC] Baiken Guide: Read this first!

    Thanks for taking your time to read it! =) And as for the second half... well... for starters, we´re talking about a very specific range here, and the viability of either also depends on if you have dash momentum or not. I´ve played around with both of those a little bit, and although it depends on the situation I came to the conclusion but that I would generally go for 5hs FB Tatami FRC if it allows me to KO the opponent, or just do 2s if it doesn´t. As it´s only on very specific ranges and characters you can only do 5s5hs Suzuran Sakura (and it actually combos), but 5s2d doesn´t, it feels like it is something you actually only start looking into at the supreme late game of developing your game. I mean, sure, it theoretically can allow you to score a (little) better reward on a very specific range, but I´d probably keep the tension gain instead. So I think that 5hs Suzuran Sakura FRC, albeit "kind of cool", does not really combo as reliably at the ranges and characters where I can´t use other starters like 5s-jD, 5s2d, 5sTatami, 2k6p(2) etc... If you add that 5hs FB Tatami reliably combos at most ranges, and that using an FRC allows you do score a decent combo even when being pretty far from the corner, I´d say that if want to research and learn either of the two, go fir FB Tatami FRC combos. What do you think?
  10. Shinjin

    [GGAC] Baiken Guide: Read this first!

    Hello Baiken-forum. I haven´t been that active on the forums, but I have been playing the game. So I thought that I might as well give some of my thoughts on what’s new with ACPR Baiken. Feel free to ask questions! 6p and Youshijin: With the added gatling combination 6p-6k, together with Youshijin being changed to a stand-alone move (623p), Baiken now has more options at the semi-close range poking game. Specifically, Baiken now has a reason to do 2k6p – as she can confirm 6p(2) into Youshijin for a tensionless combo, or at certain distances and hit states 6p(2)6k Youshijin or Tatami frc-combo. If the 2k6p is blocked, she can alternate between a) gatling into 6k, b) jump cancel (such as iad back jS for safety), or c) Suzuran into Baku (abare bait, as there is a gap between 6p and 6k). Before Baiken could only score a reward from this situation if she used 2k5s, and the opponent was in crouching state and close enough for tatami to combo, or if she hit a standing opponent that was tall enough for 5s to combo into jD. And if you did 2k6p, you basically could only get any kind of damage from it by burning tons of tension on it, and it totally sucked on block. Tatami: Tatami has been tweaked so it is – in my opinion – a much better poking tool than before. The extended hitbox comes later than before, allowing it to affectively counter poke. It also seems that the extend hitbox (the second half of the attack) has a bigger vertical hitbox that takes some time to get used to (as the opposing player). As such, the move is slightly less risky on whiff – while a clever opponent can still find ways to punish the Baiken-player if used recklessly. It can also be spaced in pressure strings so that only the later part of the hitbox actually hits the opponent, which gives you better properties and block while also punishing abare in certain situations. FB-Tatami FB-Tatami adds another long-distance poking tool that can threaten your opponent at ranges and situations where the slow-starting Kabari was your only choice before. In addition, it allows Baiken to score additional damage in situations where she couldn´t before. For example, in AC Baiken could only do 2k5s5hs on certain ranges on shorter characters, but now you can add a FB-Tatami if you deem it enough for a killing blow. 2h 2h could be used as a zoning-tool versus airborne opponents before, such as a Sol-player that was jumping about and spamming jHS, but gave you zero reward on hit. Now that 2h has an added vacuum effect, it all of a sudden becomes slightly more useful in the neutral game. 6p The upper body invulnerability of 6p was nerfed. Baiken can no longer 6p through Slayers 2p. Although 6p still works wonders as an anti-air at the angle where it is best suited for it, it has a little bit less utility. On the flip side, it has 20 frames untechable time. This allows for you to confirm into a bigger variety of combos, such as 6p(2) jD frc (burst proof), 6p(2) tatami (useful when catching an opponent in the corner), or Kabari (if you catch your opponent real deep, and want to switch sides (6p(2) Kabari – 6k2h, side switch, combo)). Sakura So the invulnerability frames are gone, but the speed has been improved to 11 frames. That is quick, real quick. As I like to incorporate quick counters as a part of my poking game, this change made me very happy. Dashing up, and blocking, is stronger than before in the neutral game. If effectively used, you can scare your opponent from poking – which allows you to dash in and throw more often. On the defensive, I would recommend using Sakura more carefully, and only counter moves and strings that you know it would not get stuffed. For example, it’s much easier to block Sols 2d and punish it with a Sakura on reaction when compared with AC. Ouren The hurt box of Baiken during Ouren has been severely nerfed. Together with the worse properties on block (can now be guarded crouching, is -15 on block, and has a vacuum effect even on block), using Ouren on the defense now is associated with much more risk. For example, in situations where you could use Ouren to escape from Dizzy’s okizeme, Baiken will now get counter hit in the air, where she before would graciously fly away from a Dizzy that was dashing at you. Ouren frc, while being very swag, is mostly a gimmick. It can be used in certain matchups (such as Venom, Dizzy and Testament) to close the gap versus characters that want to summon options (such as ball summon, fish summon, tree summon) in a way that was not possible before. It might be something to throw in there in rare occasions, but it is easy to get caught in the act, while looking like a fool in the process. Oh, and it can be used to run away while being pressured, and as a means to punish Dizzy’s new D-ice spike (ouren frc jHS). Baku Baku is still a very good counter, although it is not safe on block anymore. When your opponents have begun thinking that Baiken is way easier to pressure now that Sakuras invulnerability frames are gone, that is when you strike with Baku that has strike invulnerability all the way up and until the hit. (Well it has one or two frames in the beginning of the startup without it… but whatever). On counter hit you can score damaging combos with meter, and on normal hit you get 2k5s(2s). Mawarikomi Mawarikomi is much slower than before, making its utility way worse. I only use it on rare occasions, hoping that the opponent won´t be used to seeing it anymore. The good thing is that it still has strike invulnerability up and until the frc. Combos and Damage While combos are more character, spacing and tension dependent than before; her new combo system is very rewarding if you put in the hours and learn all of the new combo parts – and there a lot of them. But I might give my thoughts on her new combo system on a later date. More generally speaking, Baiken does more damage now. For example, she can do touch of death-combos in the corner against parts of the cast (see upcoming combo movie by yours truly). But more importantly, she has more options than before, especially when she has meter. Plus tons of gimmicks, but I’ll keep them to myself
  11. Shinjin

    Guilty Gear Sweden Casuals

    Shinjin vs Caer - 19:45 - 21:40or22:05 CET http://www.twitch.tv/guiltygearsweden
  12. Shinjin

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    The "HEANTAI" craftsman and crazy combo - by Kedako(ma) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm21887988
  13. Well with this glitch actually allows people to execute things the game didn´t allow them before: JAKE abusing the button macro glitch to fire several shots of the same N.B. with Justice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgV6dSobYh4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoCHlXWBSSY This while at the same time making x amount of situations more easily executed than intended - when compared with the original arcade version. But I feel that we won´t agree on this concept no matter how long might we discuss it Although I hear what you´re saying, and I do understand your concern. I also am also actively taking an approach that can be interpreted as extremely elitistic to pour some fuel on the fire, since I honestly do think this is a discussion worth having for all tournament organizers around the world. Regardless of what people think of button macros in general - drama could happen because of this glitch, iz all im zaying. I would argue that this is an inconvenient truth.
  14. Your comparison with back/select plinking in SF4 is unfair. You can seriously just press and hold a macro button during a blockstring, and then wait for the proper moment and mash out the directional input in order to get a special with this bug. The move really does get triggered whenever it is possible. This is makes confirms in blockstrings much much much easier to the point that it is game breaking in my opinion. Your blatant statement that this bug is a "console-only tricks that make things a lot easier, but don't break the game" is also not true in my opinion. As an example I can specifically name Baiken. This bug literally allows me to press and hold a button in certain situations, giving me negative edge inputs for every single frame. Let us say that you have initiated a block string, a block string that is specifically made to be safe for guard cancels. But due to the fact that sakura has 10 frames startup that also ignores hitstop, and lvl 1 moves have 11 frames of hitstop. Now, given the fact that I know all of your possible blockstrings (and when you get to a certain level, you do start to recognize them all), I can look for them and then LITERALLY JUST MASH AROUND with my joystick to get a guard cancel. The difference here when it comes to execution when comparing to without abusing the bug (actually having to press a button [ch warning if bait you]/ or release a button for negative edge [you lost your one chance]) is huge. However, I do understand the sentiment that banning button macros could more so end up being a ban that specifically targetting newer players and MIGHT scare them away from participating in tournaments. These newer players will MOST LIKELY not try to abuse this bug due to the fact it is... kind of wierd. And takes awhile to get used to. But if usage of this bug is not banned from European tournaments I will abuse the shit out of it and win them all (slight exaggeration to get my point across)