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  1. As you all may have guessed from my lack of posts, I didn't have access to the internet these past 10 days or so - since the only options I had were really expensive.

    I'm home now and finally have access to the internet again, but I'm sad to say that I'm going to be less active on the forums.

    To be honest, I was a bit shocked that there were no new posts or updates since I left... I trust that others will be able to step up and perhaps take a more active role in my absence.

  2. It looks like Naga qualified at this qualifier.

    Sadness at the apparent lack of Protos.

    That's not an Area Final, unfortunately. Naga did get a Silver Ticket, but wasn't able to win an Area Final for a Gold Ticket.

    Protos did win a Silver Ticket in one of the earlier qualifiers, but also wasn't able to win an Area Final for a Gold Ticket.

    Why are there matchup overviews made before people here have even played the game yet?

    I mean, theoryfighting is fine, but I don't see how you could get an accurate representation of a matchup within a game you haven't played.

    Getting a fairly accurate overview of a matchup, even without having played it yourself, is definitely possible - especially for some of the more straightforward match-ups. Even in the worst-case scenario (which I don't think this is), it's better than nothing.

    With that being said, I don't want discussions like these to be lost with time, since (for example) I've already mentioned which Nu's have won Silver and Gold Tickets a few pages back.

    I was thinking of creating a General Match-up thread, somewhat similar to what we had in CS2. Of course, I'm not going to put any match-up numbers in there, since that doesn't really help us right now. The thread would allow us to generally discuss match-ups in one place, it'd help with the match-up transition from CSE to CP, and it'd hopefully spur some more activity and discussion. It'd just start off with my basic thoughts on some of the match-ups, and we can go from there.

  3. Besides his 6 frame 5A, his next fastest normals are his 2A and 5B at 9 frames. When pressuring him, you really just have to remember that he has a DP. Other than that, a Dashing 2A should be enough to continue pressure.

    His DP has 7 active frames, and 47 frames of recovery, which is an easy 6B punish. His DP's -37 on block. To show how bad that is, it means that it wouldn't be that hard to punish with 236C, if we wanted to...

    His stored projectile is insanely fast, with only 7 frames of start-up. He can store up to 3 of them. I like to think of his projectile as similar to Spark Bolt.

    His potentially unblockable DD shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's 7+4 so, if I'm not mistaken, unless he hits on the first active frame, we can just Jump+Barrier it.

    As for Act Parser, I can't say that I remember seeing it used a lot defensively, unless it's the 44 versions. Even then, it's not used that much.

    I don't know if anything that's caught in his DP can be cancelled.

    I think that, for pretty much all of Nu's match-ups, Dia mode is a lot safer. If the opponent is in Gravity or in (Luna) 236D (from zoning or from a combo ender), then Luna mode becomes an option. There are very few instances where (IMO) a Nu would willingly be at neutral in Luna.

    - - - - -

    In regards to what range we should engage Amane:

    The only tools we'd have at mid-range would be 3C, Drive, and some Specials. All are slow, except arguably 3C, but they don't put you at a very good advantage on block. Mid-range isn't a bad place to engage him, but if Nu is already that close, I think she should be right up next to him. She'd need him in Gravity, or to block any version of 214D or (Luna) 236D for a safe approach.

  4. I agree with your assessment for Bullet. Unfortunately, Bullet doesn't seem like she has a lot of strong players playing her. I don't think I've seen a strong Bullet player against a strong Nu player. She's also a relatively new character, which doesn't really help her.

    If I'm not mistaken, her grounded projectile is always a Level 1 Projectile, no matter what state she's in. This means that Dia 5D and Bullet's projectile will always cancel each other out. Luna 5D will cancel out Bullet's projectile and go through it.

    For Amane, I think it's a funny match-up where blocking can actually be a bad thing. I prefer Dia mode in this match-up, if not just for the extra mobility. The reversal option in Luna is nice, but since (IMO) chip damage is the greatest danger against Amane, I would prefer to use Counter Assaults.

    Fighting him up close is a great option, since his only fast normals are his 5A and 2A. Everything else is very slow, which means that we're at a good advantage whenever the frame advantage is at 0 or greater for us, like after a blocked (Luna) 214D.

    His long-range moves are slower than our Drive, but they also have less recovery on whiff.

  5. I think the a-cho Arc Revo Qualifier was an Area Final for Kyoto (which included Naga, since he won Kohatsu's qualifier). In any case, Yuuma won it and got a Gold Ticket, which means that he'll be representing Nu alongside Yoshiki. I don't know how many qualifiers are left, but hopefully Protos can manage to win a Gold Ticket.

  6. I think there's a value or note missing, or something like that. There are some things that are possible with a Throw in the corner that I think aren't possible without additional untech from the wallbounce.

    I'm not too sure because of the wording, but I think that the wallstick (F#) value confirms what I thought it meant.

    Since the Japanese PS3 release is apparently in late October, that means that we've got a very long time before we'll be able to play the game outside of Japan...

  7. So after the opponent touches the corner within the original 30 frames of untech from 236C, there's an additional 30 frames of wallstick?

    I was just wondering if there was a value like that for her Throw as well. If not, then the corner wallbounce doesn't really do anything for untech time. It'd be like 6C in that respect. That'd also mean that her Throw has changed from CSE, so I'm wondering if maybe there was an omission.

  8. I've updated the CSE > CP changes thread with the current info. Since there aren't any notes for some moves like Throw or 236C, there are still some values and properties we might not know right now.

    If anyone notices any mistakes or things I could add, please let me know. I also don't mind if any of you wish to discuss her changes in that thread now, since the majority of the info is out there.

    In Nu's frame data for 3C, it says that it launches higher in Luna instead of Dia. Another way to say it would be that Dia 3C causes float.

    What does the (F30) value mean in 236C's untech?

    If I had to guess, all "ground" Specials seem to be cancellable into 22A on hit. The only "exception" would be 623C, where Nu has to land on the ground before she can cancel it.

  9. Unless I'm mistaken, here are the Nu players who have won an Arc Revo Qualifier tournament:

    Yoshiki (Nao-san Aishiteru) (twice)

    Protos (Gentarou)

    Minato (Kagra)


    Yoshiki also won an Area Qualifier, which means he's able to participate in the main tournament next month. I think Minato and Naga will be going to Area Qualifiers next week.

  10. Although recency is a factor, its not that important unless you just started playing Lambda a week or two ago.

    - You use 236C too much. Of all the 236C's you do (whether on block or at neutral), how many connect?

    - 5C's a bad move in this game. I recommend minimizing your use of it whenever possible. It's alright to use in combo's, but unless you can stagger it for 4B/3C, it's not that good.

    - For 3C > 236D oki, 236D should be delayed slightly for greater frame advantage.

    - You use TK's a lot for mix-up. TK's are alright to use once in a while, but 4B is a much better mix-up tool. You can combo from it, and thus get more damage and Heat. I don't remember seeing you use 4B in these matches.

    - You did 2A > 2C quite a few times... That doesn't work on a standing opponent. A good normal to use in gatlings is 2B. From there, you can do 6B > 5C, or 2C > 5C > 3C.

    - As toanenadiz said, there were a lot of times where you could've RC'ed your moves for more damage. You would also get better corner carry and some of that Heat back.

    You were able to IB a little bit in the Lambda mirror, but I didn't notice any IB'ing in the other matches.

    The things that I would recommend implementing as soon as possible:

    - Less 5C

    - Less Parsers

    - Less 236236D

    - 4B

    In general, I think your choice of combo's and hitconfirming could be greatly improved.

    Lambda mirror

    Spike Chaser can be cancelled out by Drive. It's not necessarily a bad tool to use in this match-up, but it's not very strong either.

    There were a few Parsers that you randomly threw out.

    A lot of your 2A's were out of range. Sometimes it was because you didn't do a Dashing 2A, and other times it was because you didn't dash enough. I'd recommend replacing most of them with Dashing 2B's or 4B's instead.

    A lot of your j.2D's were pretty high off the ground. j.2D should be done as soon as possible. It'll be faster, and you'll land quicker.

    Near the end of the first round, the other Lambda got hit by 236D, and you did a 214B. I'm guessing you were trying to do 4B there?

    (midscreen to corner) 2A > 2B > 2C > 5C > 3C > 236D > Dashing 5C[8] > 6C > 236236D > Dashing 5C[8] > 6C > 214D

    - This was kind of a waste of Heat.

    - 5C[8] > 6C > 214D doesn't work late in combo's.

    It was kinda difficult to tell, since there weren't many opportunities to land any, but I think your hitconfirming needs some work.


    You looked like a different player here, to be honest... Just from the first round, I didn't see any of the mistakes from the Lambda mirror. You even picked up a random Spike Chaser hit with Drive, instead of using 5C.

    Still a lot of 5C and Parsers, but this was much better. You played better, and your opponent was stronger.


    j.2DD > j.214D~C > 236C? 2A > 2C again...

    Your opponent was at the other end of the screen, but it's still a bad idea to use 236D~C there - especially without prefacing it with 5D or 4D (I don't recommend using 4D either). I think you could've used Spike Chaser there instead. It's safer and controls space more effectively.


    You were playing alright here. Near the end of the first round, you used 236236D to get your opponent to block, then did 236D~C to force them to block a mix-up. You did a TK. If you had done 4B, you could have KO'ed Ragna or forced him to waste a Burst.

    You attempted 6DD > 2DD > j.C > j.2C > 2DD, which is good. You can also do X > 2DD > 4B[#2 only] if you find it easier.

    236236D is not something you should throw out from anything less than fullscreen. It should also be prefaced with 5D (or even 6D) to make it safer.


    I think you were jumping or mashing a lot against the Platinum in the first round. Blocking is the safest option on wake-up. If you can Barrier block or Barrier IB, your opponent's pressure won't be as strong.

  11. How about it can cancel into anything except blocking or Barrier? Japanese players before have mentioned that it can only cancel into attacks. That would make more sense lol.

    Unfortunately, the data from CS2 and CSE are conflicting for TK feints. If I had to guess, though, it'd make more sense that a TK feint is an offensive tool, and not something you'd do just to block (just like 22A).

  12. The point was, we don't know when 22A can be cancelled into another move. If we just look at it as a 31 frame move to reset pressure, it's not that good. But since it can be cancelled, it can be a useful tool. It's definitely better than TK feints.

    7 frames is a lot better than 8 frames. An 8 frame 2A was really painful, especially since some characters had 6 frame 2A's. Despite that, I still think that our defensive options are worse than before, since Heat Gain isn't nearly as plentiful. Once the opponent gets in, it's a lot more difficult to escape.

    The lower recovery on 236D may mean that we won't lose to Rachel's 5B after she windtechs. If that's the case, we can force her to waste wind or take mix-up. Some things that beat us out before (like Litchi's All Green) might not anymore. The faster start-up means we can use it in combo's later than before (relatively speaking).

  13. 5C is the same as 2C/3C/6C/j.C/j.2C in that pressing it once will make all hits come out. I'm not sure about the individual properties of each hit (with the first and last hit being the most important).

    Not taking into account that it can be cancelled early, 31 frames for a move to cancel into another is kinda bad, especially since 22A isn't an attack. At least with a TK feint or 236A, they look similar to attacks.