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  1. I'm not quitting Blazblue! wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong! I'm never quitting that game, regardless of what happens to it. I've just been busy/still in school until this weekend (finals and such). I'll be restarting my practice/training again next week :D

  2. Oh, I understand, and thanks for the update. Hmmm, maybe I would go down if I bought the game - I really am considering it. I played MvC2 and liked it and I think I'd enjoy number 3 too. Mm, so yeah.... well then let me know k?

  3. Hey dude, you goin to the MvC3 tourney down by me this Saturday? If not, do you play MvC at all? If not you should- it's my main game until CSII comes out ^^ Sorry again that I've been bad at getting out to see you (or having you come here), I've been up in arms in work (was up til 5 AM doing hw) and havent had much time for having people over- Hopefully this weekend I'll be a little less busy though and maybe we can work something out!

  4. Hey dude, will I see you this Saturday!? I'm going to see everyone and for kicks- hopefully I'll get past the first round haha.

  5. Bacon4thetakin

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Thanks guys, sorry for the mislead- I just haven't seen a 5C make contact from that far away before (seems like nearly, if not, the farthest you can hit w/ it).
  6. Bacon4thetakin

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/user/jourdal#p/u/3/9GEfp093jRQ Watchin' vids off of Jourdal's page (good shit as usual, this video was uploaded today) 00:30 - Anyone else notice a larger hitbox/reach on 5C? I may be wrong but that definitely looks like it has longer reach than before. Sorry if this has been confirmed already- I haven't read anything on it though.
  7. Bacon4thetakin

    [CS1] Iron Tager Vs Makoto

    Always be ready for 3C. Punish with Buster accordingly. And for the love of God, don't let her bait your sparkbolt.. That's the main things to watch for in this matchup, I have a friend who mains makoto so I know most of the tricks. Blocking her BnB's isn't too hard, just be ready to adjust for the overhead/low enders. Oh, and fuck God Tail..lol
  8. I only have 2 vids up as of now, but I have another 2 or 3 i'll post. The quality isn't the best, especially when recording the TV's :P Blazblue Teams: Me vs. Heroic_Legacy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NbQNC8Kw94 Blazblue Teams: Final Match- King of Bums vs. Mr. Two - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf08YucwUV0 I only caught the last part of King of Bums vs. Mr. Two- But the Mu airgrab win was definitely worth posting. Props to you KoB- you had such epic wins throughout that tourney Edit: All the other videos are too crappy of quality to post...It was so hard to get anything captured...sorry, those two are all I really got- lol.
  9. This was so much fun! Props to all who came out to join in on the madness. Shout outs to: The team from Ohio, all of you were totally nuts! (no, not a bad makoto pun) Jetm, it was nice talkin' to ya! Glad we both eventually got to eat, haha. Frankie, Hero, Cue- GG's, you all put me in my place and reminded me where my faults lie. Kurt- I wish I got to play your Valks, maybe next time. Good talkin to you though! B-rad - I will forever look to you when I hear Bacon(Andrew) being called! ^^ Woocash - It was good to finally meet you! We'll definitely meet up soon to play. Everyone from DePaul- We're definitely playing more, I wasn't aware of the scene having more than 1 or 2 players out here! Everyone else who I met and such- GG's, it was a lot of fun!!! I hope to see you all again.
  10. I'm actually not gonna be able to bring a setup (for BB)- I'm taking the train in and won't have the hands to take everything necessary. Sorry guys :\
  11. Bacon4thetakin

    [CS1] Bang Forbidden Ninpo: Combo Thread

    Hey guys, I'm mainly a tager player but am working on playing other characters as well (in the never ending quest to learn as much as I can about this game! :D) and I started working on Bang just the other day. I got nearly all of his challenges down and know his moves and basic BnB's for the most part, but I'm now working on integrating my own play style in with his awesomely-varied move set. I'm working on someone of a tech trap at the moment and am wondering if it's applicable, let alone useful at all. I thought I'd come here for the answer Combo/String-a-mah-jig: 6C-236B-Dash Forward & Wait- 5C- Daifunka - post daifunka shenanigans. What I noticed is that throwing the B nails has the delayed hit of the opponent up in the air. If they happen to block it and then are falling, catch them with the air-unblockable 5C and continue from there. I apologize if this is a dumb question or already been answered. Again, I'm new to Bang and really have only gotten in depth with Tager and a little bit with Litchi :P
  12. I'm working on importing the game so I can play/learn it! I'm totally down for learning some basics if anyone has the time to show me! :]
  13. I have the same stuff as Mench previously stated, lol PS3 19" 720p LCD TV Continuum Shift (with all chars unlocked/bought) SSFIV (no alt costumes though XP)
  14. I'm free this afternoon/early evening and nate is free tomorrow (coordinating didn't work out..he works all day today, i work all day tomorrow :P)

  15. Okay, I'll talk with the guys and we'll see what we can throw together.