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  1. Hi sesame, i saw your post on the updates you posted on the upcoming console patch and was wondering why that post got deleted from the thread. Thank you for spreading the news!

  2. Yo sorry for leaving like that so suddenly lol. Anyways yes it was just announced today actually although im not really sure what the date is. Il try not to miss this one unlike last year's game night. I'll send you the date/time once i get it if you want to come

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLaVQ0tXdgc#t=9m53s This looks interesting is that air jab an overhead? and what move did she use right before the air jab? Cool mixup
  4. piowah

    [CS1-CS2] Litchi Video Thread

    Super Basic Nothing Fancy Combo Video. Poverty Style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI6020yYgzk ;_; sorry for bad editing i tried!
  5. piowah

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    Haku>214D :<
  6. piowah

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    Didnt Jump barrier get changed somehow in CS? Dunno but the barrier wont come out as soon as it did in the last game.
  7. lol i didnt know you go on this site, if your the same on on my friend list <_>

  8. i do 21478D or 21479D :3

  9. lol ggs ;3. and i landed a couple loops online but ya any small latency will mess it up T_T. It kinda gets irratting but what can you do you know. i landed 5.5k 5D CH combo today on a litchi in 2 bar connection! also do you know the best combo so far off 5DD 236B RC etc etc or anything that leads to 236B thats not in the corner. So far im using one that leads to about 3.7-3.8k from 5DD RC 5DD 236C> loop

  10. GG's. I loved those Lambda mirrors. Nu mirrors changed after 1 combo. Barring the TK loop (impossible online, but you almost did it), Lambda mirrors seem to take much more skill with all of Lambda's added recovery. I'm actually liking the netplay better. The connections are good enough to IB 720. I would've played more of my subs against you, but it would've been embarrassing considering how sub-par they are compared to your subs =/ And I've only been training with Lambda and Tsubaki while trying to 100% Story :( I think we're both doing fine with Lambda. Netplay screws most of her good combos though.


  12. i have no idea how to play Mu lol, im going to unlock her today~

  13. "I want to improve too~" SINGLES NAOOOO!!! I need Mu help :

  14. ... I hate you. ;-;

  15. Oh hey Hiago! and im no Girl! >w<. And im so happy right now i got BBCS without paying one penny and got a 20$ psn card without paying too!