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  1. yeah, i got F/UC. but i'm not very good at it since i never get my practice in. i'm a bazett and leysritt player. do u have the game too? what characters do u use?

  2. yeah i got Fate/UC. but i'm not sure if i'm gonna be able to make it tommorrow. but i'll 100% be for team st1ckbug tourny of the month of febuary. but i'm iffy about being able to make it tomorrow. well....i'll pm you when i go to next level and i'll bring Fate. so, every time i'll go to a stickbug tourny i'll bring Fate and GG AC & plus. maybe HnK too.
  3. FOR air to air 101 basics: use heart in practice mode and do 2E>D-(HOMING FOLLOW OPPONENT)>A>B>4B>C over n over again....then when u got that down to muscle memory...start mixing things up after your C....like >A>B>4B>C>623C>D>A>B>4B>ETC.... *D=homing
  4. Axl_M4ster

    New York City Thread #1582048

    i need to practice n play people in melty blood and arcana heart 3 before the st1ckbug tourney. who wants to practice at next level with me? um, has to be mon, tues, or wednesday. next level is empty and we can take it over. especially xbox for arcana heart3 for hours n hours on end. i'll bring the melty and jap ps2. let me know which day is best 4 you.
  5. Axl_M4ster

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    sry. wanted to support the tourny wif me money... but decided not to go. some other time.
  6. Axl_M4ster

    New York City Thread #1582048

    hot. its hot. damn its hot outside! like jurassic period type hot. yo, is tian and zevali going? cuz the ah3 tourney needs as many arcana heads as possible. i think. nova, where u at?
  7. Axl_M4ster

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    wait, will this tourney be streamed? cuz it has ta be. i wanna go just to see braver's bridget vs mahouko's bridget. thats gonna be Da Show 2 Watch!!!
  8. Axl_M4ster

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    i try to make to this one. i plan on entering mb, gg, and ah3 mmmm. and i'm sure i'll get destroyed in all 3 games. lol. i haven't practiced or played any fighter since the last time i was there. i'll just practice melty in the next few days for tourney
  9. Axl_M4ster

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    about pads. some things are easier on pad than stick. i use saki/time and i have certain bnbs that involve charging/holding 5 or 2 E for long periods of time, till my opponent forgets i placed a charged 5 around...but something like that is near impossible on stick, just works with pad. 20 days away. i need to practice my melty.
  10. Axl_M4ster

    New York City Thread #1582048

  11. i forgot to mention GGs to you from last time. i should be there at next level 2 weeks from today. i must learn to block better.

  12. Axl_M4ster

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    see i know that process. the sanding, painting/coating, wetsanding and increasing the fineness of the grit with each 'next step' in the process... but i was looking for more of a 'what type of paint is used' in other words, acrylic, enamel, etc... what specific name brands of aerosol paint cans or airbrush paint type of questions. though i did not know about the automobile rubbing compound or swirl remover. in my case, no pun intended, i painted it with artists acrylic paint and i painted it with a paint brush. the reason i didn't use a paint can method is because i wanted to paint a particular design over the entire visible areas of the wood case. the design i painted over the wood case was a faux black marble stone with grey veining design. i don't think a design like that is even possible with a paint can. i know it is possible to do something like that with an airbrush...but i don't have a airbrush+compressor, or the skills to do it...by that method. so i did it with a brush+acrylic tube paint. only problem was that its near impossible to do certain techniques on a 3D object using the paintbrush method. namely the gloss varnishing step. the priming+sanding took a day. the black marble stone+grey veining took a day. the varnishing took 3 weeks!!!! since to do the grey veining, using that type of paint, using paintbrushes, AND to make it believable looking...its going to have some relief to it, which i'd have to sand down, but before sanding down i'd have to put on a good number of thick varnish layers...because if i didn't i'd be sanding down the grey veining and erasing it. so to smooth everything down, i would have to build up a layer high and thick enough of clear varnish that would 'fill in' the space around the veins...so when i started sanding down...i could smooth it down without the design of the veining being erased along with it. so i did that. hammered that out... but my problem was that the final varnish coats. see, if i applied it too thick, brushstrokes from the brush applying the coats of varnish would be left. big no no. but if i applied it very thinly that no brushstrokes would be left...runs, drippage, and streaks from the varnish running would appear. ugh. hellish. i committed countless wetsanding and coatings of the varnish. see, there wouldn't be that problem if the varnishing by paintbrush was on just a flat 2D object...like a canvas painting for example. but since i was dealing with a 3D object that needed varnishing from all angles/sides...this was a serious problem. i must've applied varnish and wetsanded it like 50 times, lol,lol. i was ready to commit suicide. but i finally managed to get it moderately ok. the varnish i mean. unfortunately i could not ever get it 100% perfect in regards to the surface being completely free of tiny 'blemishes' or flaws. these minor flaws in the gloss varnish coating is completely invisible in 90% of the angles that you look at the wood case from....but you can see it from certain angles where the light reflects off the very surface since it has a polished mirror type finish to it(mimicing the polished sheen of black marble stone),..but thats only like 10% of the possible angles you can look at from thanks due to its mirror type finish. ie, you can see your reflection in it. the flaws really don't matter too much since i'm trying to recreate the look of marble stone...and stone isn't 100% perfect and free of flaws anyway. it looks just like marble stone btw. its done, i just need to put a final coat of spray varnish on it. i would post pics but i don't have digi camera. well, anyway. i'm now about to work on my other wood case for my other stick and i just asked since i'm not doing a complicated design on it, just a even coat of paint, i wanted to know what was the most commonly prefered spray paint brand to lay on a wood case. is acrylic spray paint what i want or enamel based?
  13. Axl_M4ster

    New York City Thread #1582048

    ugh. i finally finished painting my wood case for my stick. lol, i went through hell on earth with it cuz i painted it(a 3D object) with brush acrylic paint and not aerosol paint. or airbrush either. i'm working on my second stick now. painting the wood case and doing detail work on the artwork. they are both melty blood oriented, btw. i plan to sell them 1 year from now. they were dual modded t5 hori before the custom wood cases. 1 ls 56-01 with octo gate w sanwa buttons 1 jlf square gate with sanwa buttons top panels still have hori layouts but square top panel i.e. top panel is 4 cornered not 2 cornered like factory hori template. edit i haven't played anything since last time i was there, nxt lvl. no gg, mb, svc2, etc... too busy pimpin sticks
  14. Axl_M4ster

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    what type of paint do most custom builders use to paint over their wooden cases? i'm using acrylic paint, btw.
  15. Axl_M4ster

    6/23 Next Level, NYC: T6, AH3, BBCS2

    i would have gone but: 1)AH3 is on xbox360...and i don't know how to play AH3 on stick, just pad and thats ps3 pad. i've never played with a 360 pad....and if the 360 pad is anything like the original xbox pad....then no thanks cuz those xbox D-pads are the worst pads ever made. no precision or control whatsoever. 2)never ever played blazblue...enuff said. 3)tekken 6. never played it, i have no next gen system. but if the command list is essentially like or exactly alike to the tek 5 ps2 version....that i could've played. but i have not played t5 in years...rusty. 4)way busy painting,sanding wood case for my stick. finished, but now working on my other case's art. now if AH3 was on ps3...that may have been a different story in regards to more people showing up like moi. somebody's gonna have to bring a ps3 disc copy or the ps3 dlc of ah3 for pad players.