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  1. azureskyblu3

    [CSE] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    basically, you need to watch the enemy, you have to see their habits and what they do, rush characters whant to keep you blocking all day until they land a hit into a good combo. there are differences in every "rush" character so there is nothing completely universal to watch out for (minus overheads) amongst them. you have to watch their behaviors and use that against them to keep them honest. if they are frame trapping you, even if they aren't, you can IB the unsafe moves and if possible punish accordingly. hakumen can stop alot of characters strings due to his drive. and yes take the vague advice and learn to block and Ib yada yada. vs characters like ragna you need to be on your toes and watch, poke from afar and keep your neutral game strong. on offence try landing combos from safe pokes or if you are really in deep TK tsubaki and 6B are your friends, to mess with them into blocking high. on defense blocking and attempting to IB moves you feel comfortable IBing can help you drastically. his D should be used on reaction to moves that are 1) already coming out, and 2) you aren't in too much hit stun. thing is this question is really open ended into what specific rush characters can do and what the player themselves do. im posting this info for someone else because he cant be here. ^_^ poor guy. yeah thanks.
  2. azureskyblu3

    [CS1] Hakumen CS Combo Guide

    set the training mode dummy to tech. set aerial roll to neutral emergency roll to enabled wake up to neutral stagger to neutral. this way if it blue beats the dummy will tech. in this combo what you are looking for is a clear sign like for instance X>623aa>falling J2C> at this moment wait until the characters body (the one you are hitting) turns upsidedown then 2C>immediately J2A>delay>air dash>J2A>etc. this is a tricky combo with alot of different answers. counting, watching specific sprites, etc. just keep trying.
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  6. azureskyblu3

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    but why did they nerf his drive and slow his meter gain...again?
  7. you are a teir whore. well actually if hakumen gets nerfed...will you still be a teir whore? like a C-teir whore. >//>

  8. it was to clean up that Ragequitters thread. 300 pages of venting? come on...so i set up a somewhat faulty data base its still being perfected if it can be. n crap i forgot old mans name. i saw your tst online 93% good. learn how to zero factor a hex equation. im a lazy guy with the mentality of a jock but ill tech you what i can. N NO UR NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE! jk ill see ya soon.

  9. ive been gone from this site a while...o.o and you started a thread? wasnt there already a thread on that matter? also ill be back for a little while so i can drop by and play some games and just be around i also want to talk to joey ^^ (misterbadguy) how have you been in my absence? O//O

  10. Hi! im Back joey! ^^ all done with studies for now! Elli is back!o.o and alot of catching up to do... how are you? O//O

  11. azureskyblu3

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    Its been a while and im a bit confused on something. it says that hakumen has lvls 1-4 on his 6C but i always thought he just had 2 or im thinking of holding and not holding 6C but can someone explain to me of what these levels are and how do i use all of them? much appreciated.
  12. azureskyblu3

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    about 6C is it really as impractical as everyone says? i land it alot even on really good players into j>c loop or shippu but evryone says dont use it i even read some of the other pages in the haku threads saying dont use it. i understand its not safe but what exactly makes it so...obsolete?
  13. kimura i heard you signed uo for the newest tourny ^^ i cant come home yet until after finals so if you wanted to train together ill help you O//O i mean because of finals ive been busy . im sorry Q//Q also sorry for typing in english im still learning it to a high understanding. adeus e eu te amo!

  14. not participating, on ssf4