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    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks just like a "Cyber Dragon" head? (Almost identical in design and shape.)
  2. Eclipse

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I don't see why everyone thinks Terumi will be so broken. He'll have virtually no momentum in the beginning of a match if he's dependent on his drive. He can't steal meter if your opponent starts with none. I think whether he's broken or not will come down to how good his normal are and how much heat he can steal in one of his combos. I'm guessing since he's so reliant on distortion drives, that he won't have great combos. But if I'm wrong about that, he could definitely be broken.
  3. Hazama's new distortion looks amazingly awesome and stylish. Trolling, a modified back kick... epic. Did anyone notice the damage it did? It looked like a lot more than his other distortions, will probably be used as a viable combo ender. On a side note, I'm using Yu Narukami to hold me off until this hits consoles. (Probably next Summer)
  4. So, screw Zidane. He was never around when he was here anyways, haha. What do you guys think are Hazama's best optimal combos off of Jayoku as of now? 5B > 3C > 236236B > ???. Or 6A > 236236B > ???. You guys get the idea. Just trying to figure out how to get the biggest damage and heat gain off of those hit-confirms. Feel like the top japanese players aren't helping much anymore. Maybe everything is stricter timing? Or they all became lazy? Who knows...
  5. I don't know. I don't like that either. I admit you can get good oki, but it seems lazy. Even Hazama's challenges in BBCS EX look like they do more damage than Buppa's. Shame.
  6. After being away for quite some time with MVC3 and Vergil. I realized how much better this game was than MVC3. Can't wait for Extend Hazama hype. I hope he has legitimate combos. Have yet to see professionals figure out anything worthy. (Buppa, Kagetsu, etc all seem to be using different "low damage" combos.)
  7. This character will never not be top tier. Faster chains, and still massive meter gain and damage. The troll wins eternally.
  8. Eclipse

    [CSE] Hazama Video Posting & Discussion Thread

    Hahaha, wow. Good old Hazama. 5.5k loop with Hirentotsu, anyone who likes Wind Serpent's Fang must be psyched. Finally used for something other than ending combos. And for the 7.9K combo. I'm betting it doesn't need CH. Could for the hitstun, but I doubt it. And if anyone paid attention more, it's not a 100 Heat Combo, it's basically only 50. So Hazama's corner shenanigans are just as strong. Guess he doesn't need 6C to do massive damage, wow....
  9. Is it just me, or do Hazama's corner combos do more damage? And all of his combos look way easier execution wise. Sadly, scrubs might start picking him up. This game strains to make combos beginner friendly, lol. Also, his chain confirms being harder to AA. Looks like the only real nerf he had was 6C proration. We won't see 8k combos anymore. But we'll see a bunch of practical and easy 3.5-6k combos in the corner. Watch out for the new Hazama!
  10. Eclipse

    [CSE] Hazama Changes Disccusion

    Hazama's old combos looked silly. Hazama is silly. And he always seems to have massive damage in the corner.
  11. Decided I might play BBCS2 again today... But realized one reason I lost inspiration. Buppa doesn't even play this game or character anymore. His most recent video showcases him subbing Jin, and he used Taokaka in another match. So disappointed...
  12. Maybe you're right. The game is so chaotic, but I'll be putting a lot into it this November. Anyone here switching to Relius when he comes out, or will you guys remain loyal to the fedora?
  13. I like your signature Zeron. The japanese are pretty insane. Wish they actually played MVC3, so I had a reference point to get better.
  14. I'm turning them in now. I'll take the katana and move over to shoryuken, haha. Guess I can't escape the trench coat though, lol. Seriously though, I'll help around here more often, but there's really not much going on now. With CSE coming out, I could create an updated Hazama combo thread once it hits arcades.
  15. Read this and thought someone was talking about Dr. Doom's new j.S in UMVC3. I've been over on those forums far too much... Can I help it though, how much cooler is Vergil than Hazama?
  16. Hazama mirrors are terrible. I hate mirrors in every game that exists. Hazama mirrors are just worse. Don't know why you want that Zeron... :/
  17. Finally got around to playing Hazama again today. Did some player matches with a friend and remembered why I stopped playing. BBCS2 will never have a good netcode. Spending time in practice mode is counter-productive, I swear.
  18. Eclipse

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    Lol. It's okay, I'm sure he can make some friends. I'm a psyc major, so I can help you with your problems :/ I'm half joking, but I'm sure you'll be alright.
  19. Eclipse

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    Lol, I have a girlfriend and friends, haha. But they all suck at BB, and she doesn't play games... So I'm stuck with online too. Now I'm so hyped about Vergil in UMVC3, that I don't care much about our fedora friend anymore. Maybe when the next patch hits, I'll be more active.
  20. Eclipse

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    Yeah, I respect that. Being in college at a decent university makes it difficult. I'm only an undergrad in my senior year too. I tend to exercise a lot on top of that, which is where most of my time goes.
  21. Eclipse

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    Haha. Well, I guess I'm part of the general population. Working on improving, and I can usually confirm 5B/5C into Houtenjin after an air to ground attack. Problem is I hardly play the game anymore. Honestly, just waiting to play Vergil in Ultimate MVC3, he's my second favorite character ever after all. Anyone else excited about his reveal this Thursday? (Then again, this is completely off topic.)
  22. Eclipse

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    I'm not arguing against myself. I'm just really exact. 7.5k isn't 8k. And I was talking 50 heat, not 100. Usually you'll get around 5-7.5k in the corner or mid-screen on a professional level where people won't let you get Houtenjin off of 5C or 6C CH. (I know I tend to use many normals > 3C > 236236B. It's a bad habit of mine I'm working on. Trying to confirm it more off of j.b > 5B > Houtenjin, etc. Makes it too predictable if it's always after 3C, and people can catch it with a burst.)
  23. Eclipse

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    I have to say it always bothers me when people say "Hazama has practica 8k and 10k combos..." He really doesn't. That's just showing his maximum damage with optimal starters for the situation. With an appropriate punish of Inferno Divider, etc... he gets 8-10k. But that's situational and extremely rare if you're playing against good players. Most of the time his damage will be around 5-7.5k off the starters professionals use. Examples would include his command throw, 3C, 2A > 5B, etc etc. In a match against good players, you'll probably break 8K one in every 5-10 matches, if that. So people should stop claiming every relaunch combo = 8K damage. It simply doesn't. Now that I'm done ranting, I'll agree that his relaunch combos are more practical than any other combos, even if you gain the heat back otherwise. Primarily because at the end of any relaunch combo, you can leave out Mizuchi, and gain the 50-75 heat back anyways.
  24. With that note, I'm switching to SCIV and MVC3.