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  1. Lmao, obviously the ones where you're NOT being a troll! In all seriousness though, I think it was about how mean the community can be to noobs sometimes and how you're willingness to help people. Cause you're like totally awesome (mostly) n_n

  2. Sucks! :( Darn me for not checking dustloop faster.

  3. We're going, but we're going EARLY. Like before 5 early. We're basically going before he goes to work lol

  4. I like to tell stories about how nice you are to people sometimes :D

  5. Arrrrrrrgh random messssssssssssssage. I totally miss you :(

  6. I probably just have to much fun laughing at Danny as he misses Ultra after Ultra 8D ...And then laughing at myself for missing the same things :(

  7. Not enough lolis in there for you?

  8. I'm surprised you haven't forgotten. Go play some Street Fighter. D:

  9. We totally are. :( I keep saying I want to play but I cannnnnnnn't. I am totally playing ssf4:ae because we got it in our arcade, WOOHOO :D

  10. I should PROBABLY get back to reading CS2 changes and stuff daily, but blah. So many other things to do. If/when I go to AI again, I will totally hit you up. It's depressing 'cause I don't even get to see troll-buddy Danny lately T_T

  11. Totally just randomly checked if you actually were updating your avatars still. Looks like you are! Good job! :]

  12. RAWRAWRAWR. I'd say, "We should totally hang out!" but I'm so busy this quarter (I'm graduating, yay me!). Hopefully, you still actually check Dustloop from time to time :]

  13. FFA! (not) I have no idea :c but we'll work it out!

  14. I do! But I never see YOU on anymore!

  15. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134465213280491 D: Danny and I are thinking about going Thursday. I will cry thoroughly and bring some flowers (probably not, but I might actually cry).

  17. You are a clever devil! Wahaha :3

  18. I totally have nothing in mind, but I want it to be funny :D You are a master of funny, after all :kitty:

  19. I know :D Hazama has the same problem, but he can cheat with snakes :(

  20. LOL I LAUGHED PRETTY HARD AT THE SECOND ONE. The first one makes me go "D'aww, poor Carl is losing the race :(" Pretty cool! :D (I think I might want one)

  21. I have no idea. I just want to stop being so free lol.

  22. Lol. You would! I want to play so badly lately D:

  23. I'm sure it does for everything except bb lol. It's probably a little better, but only marginally. (I'm sure AI will prove me wrong out of spite.)

  24. But why D: nothing ever happens on weekdays at ai! Danny made some new bb friends though, so we could drag them there!