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  1. It's exactly how it's used, to relocate venom's scrawny ass away from bad situations. It's mainly used to be proactively slippery to prevent venom from getting cornered. It's a good move but it's kept to have flaws like that so that it's not abuse-able. Actually you see this used vs sol since it slows him down and forces him to be aware of where you could end up. It isn't used more by pro players (jp) because they standardize safer strategies to keep them alive and other pro players will blow venom up if they call it out like by re-actively doing 6P under a ball. Double Head Morbid is actually used less if you're after usage number.
  2. A 1f teleport that can escape corners for a zoner is an absurd luxury to ask for. Let alone in xrd with it's yrc system. Imo, Venom is as 'zoner' as dizzy and johnny. I don't recall these other characters having reliable reversals. Also, doesn't venom have a leg up in his matchup vs sol?
  3. Reki

    Nesica x Live Arrives at Round 1 (UPDATED)

    I find this more than "big news" because I'm surprised that nesica machines are outside of japan without getting fucked over by anti-china drm. Would anyone be so kind to tell me how did japan allow this to happen and how to franchise this shit?
  4. Oh fuck, I did not know there was more throw invul outside of hit/blok stun. I was banking that the throw invuls would run out during the startup of their mash out and grab them before their hitboxes show up. Any chance that they forfeit that invul if they press buttons? Wait, fuck that, this isn't smash bros. Ok, I'll do that on every matchup from now on. I guess I'll try to do 2P > 6K if they're passive or something delayed like 2P > FDB / delayed 5H to for the mashers. Thanks, that sounds really interesting since trishula is a hillarious low profile. I'll test that out later. If you don't mind could you guys also take a look at my matches against his zato: https://youtu.be/4nubaLipLDE These games occured on the same day so please don't mind the bad play that I haven't corrected yet. What I'm trying to figure out is how to mitigate his corner pressure where he repeatedly unsummons and resummons to replenish some eddie meter. So is it recommended to IB it all until he totally runs out of eddie meter?
  5. I sowwy, more than half of my 1st safejump attempts were fail and then I lost it and made the safejumps worse by super jumping (desperate reflex, totally aware it isn't safejump against sol) or pussying out and fd-ing instead of the jS or jH meaty. Ayyy, I should have looked this up. I've relied too much on IBing fafnir then buster on netplay without realizing it's not a true punish. I'll go with the hammerfall from now on if he gets too spammy. I'm just monkeying what the cool kids from japan are doing these days. 2S,6K,hammerf frequently drops if the opponent is standing and if pushed too far so they opt to reset it with hammerfbreak then rock, paper, scissor with heat, 6H or buster. Then I realized it's probably not a great idea against sol. I liek to IB as much as I can then frequently input potbusters while on the defense like your typical drooling zangief or tager spinning the stick. I wonder if someone here will catch on my fraud and blows me up for it. embarassing failbusters Thanks, I'll implement proactively ground poking next week. A lot of things here are an eye opener for me like (gasp!) simply walking forward and teching properly. I did wonder why I always ended up cornered with full life. I also realized that my groundgame is now pretty bad since I never used pokes outside of 2P and 5H as sort of playing conservatively while at the same time gambling too much on jH. I'm sowwy, I'm actually aware that's the correct combo. I just became into a drooling idiot hoping that he would burst so I did 5S jump cancel to bait it but he didn't burst.
  6. https://youtu.be/TA4Vts2kG3Q Having horrible issues against Sol. I'm having difficulty finding ways to attack him once he's on 5S range. I only realized just now that I'm probably playing too conservatively.
  7. I came here to sperg the fuck out because that little shit, May, took ensenga fo reals.
  8. Reki

    Playbook Arcsys Casuals

    Store frequently visited by Philippine pro gamers for Xrd, BBCEX, P4U, UNIEL. Come watch. twitch.tv/playbook_ph
  9. Reki

    Playbook 12 man casuals

    Our 1st day streaming hello 2 all
  10. Reki

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Thanks. I've never seen any vids of jp carls doing an unblockable with 4D but it's a logical direction. (edit: what the fuck it says in the patch notes 4D also lost combo time). Was it said in the patch notes that the combo timer of 3D got fucked? So it's now also classified as a light starter along with 63214D, 4D and 2D? Also, I also never see fermata used unless it kills the guy. So was it's main selling point in bbcp the knockdown? So it's recommended to prioritize meter usage for CTs and alpha counters this time around?
  11. Reki

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    G-guys, anyone got any combo route suggestions after doing the standard bbcp unblockable? (2A2B5B5C 46D airdash.A(n) j.2C j.AAB + 3D). I was planning to do the usual 5BB > cantabile > volante > CT > 5C j.BC > tenezza > 5H j.B j.2C j.B dj.B j.C > clap (though the part after tenezza needs a bit of changing because easier to tech now). I only started using carl in BBCP on the ps3 and I only knew a few posts ago that there's an anima route that probably goes something like 5BB > anime > 623B CT. What usually comes after that? Damage-wise is this better than the one I usually do? Also, I'm feeling the reduced comboability of anima. Is it classified now as a light starter?
  12. Reki

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    I realized lately that many jp carls are opting to not end combos with 8D > 3C and are just using the j.C ender. Was this a result of something getting nerfed? Do you guys recommend I should continue using 8D 3C? or is doll meter preservation dependent on matchup?
  13. Reki

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    thank you the jg
  14. It seems I was so delirious last night I wasn't able to see the columns 'starter' and 'level' on the frame data. Thanks for the detailed explanations, guys. How about picking people up from the floor? I realize that the things like 'same attack' still persists but does the 'combo time' somehow reset when you do this?
  15. Thanks I completely understand it now. I was having a hard time believing that the hit decay happens when time literally passes. Oh god what!? I'm sorry for being greedy but was there ever a document made that has the attack level of of every move per character or did everyone learn them the hard way? I mean, assuming that azrael and ragna's 5C probably has the same attack level but has different sound effects for example.