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  1. Naw I pretty much am dead

  2. fagit rachel main im better rachel than u

  3. So Brown Bear is your friend and im not. I see how it is *cries*

  4. Hey man i saw your post on the forum. i'll be more than happy to introduce you to rachel. Bring a pen and paper because she requires ALOT of patience and probably can be the most funnest character when used right. i been using her since the first game so i know a thing or two about her. add me. my gamertag is SpartasSKILLZ

  5. Greetings. My Real name is Brandon. I love to talk about most animes and along with Koopa, enjoy playing the "Tales of" series. its been one of my favorites when i first played Symphonia on the Gamecube. I used Rachel since Calamity Trigger and always used her since. (Even during CS1). I had this saying right before CS1 came out in my bio and it kinda got popular within my friends. it was said "They may have nerfed Rachel to shit, but they havent nerfed me yet". i stuck with rachel and CS1 and yes, i had my fair share of greiving over the nerfs and all but that didn stop me from playing her. i love her too much to drop her just because of "Minor" (haha) nerfs. anyway, im EST and im usually working my full time job and there is no set hours. i work openings, closings, overnights, etc... so im usually on at all random times. so if you see me on. feel free to send me a invite for a couple of games. i have a slight habit after a few games. i start passing a whole bunch of times because i either go get some food, girlfriend or someone calls me, or my dad comes in and start demanding shit lol. ask Frostbite BoB. he knows i love to spectate (and force pass ^^). Only on Xbox 360. Im not getting no PS3 anytime soon or never probably. Gamertag: SpartasSKiLlZ (its spelled normally "SKILLZ") CS1-CS2 PSR Ratings Tsubaki -210 Hazama - 191 Rachel - 189 Mu - 180 im a average player. so im always looking for someone to talk to and meet new people and get new friends along the way. Feel free to send me a friend request. i will accept almost everyone. just introduce yourself in your request..*hates blind friend request* Hope to meet new people and make friends
  6. I want Vayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme Vayne!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey Kyle, after that terrible LoL incident. I finally decided im going to main WUKONG!!! Yeah!!! jk. :P

  8. SpartasSKiLiZ

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    I have still yet to see any Platinums, Relius, or Saya's sadly. I would love to see someone cosplay as Ignis. it would look so badass.
  9. Dont forget hes also in love with bursting on the first time he gets hit. i bait it all the time from him...just love running up to him and just 5B jc Barrier Block with rachel...works everytime..
  10. Rachel op my ass. Valk op. Ad nunu is godlike.

  11. rachel is op, almost as op as ad nunu just saiyan

  12. Lol i love how u keep it real spartas

  13. and my managers get the SUper jump 8D 8D 8D j.2C 2D lvl 3 Fatal.....George the 13th into 222B :P

  14. nah i aint crazy, im just a guy who loves to be dumb when the time is right. if you knew me in real life. you totally think of me differently. im more of a serious/Dont give a fuck type of guy in real life. I work in retail and i hate helping customers lol. customers are so fuking retarded sometimes. so i kinda get angry and picturing myself j.2C'in their ass lol...(Rachel's j.2C) :P