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  1. yo nigga im still alive

  2. R.I.P CT Jin God

    1. Leaf


      I joined the air force and got stationed in okinawa, japan for 2 years. military contracted internet is shit so i gave up playing anything online. im coming back to the states in April and taking leave in california, then im going to my new base in texas. hopefully i can get decent internet now, probably not :(

  3. Gil

    Well, at least you got to go to a real arcade over there. Guessing you don't get to go to the mainland too often? Hopefully you get another chance and go play BBCP. No worries, we can give it a shot anyway.Went ahead and added you, not sure why you weren't on my list. I don't think I removed you before.

  4. Leaf

    I'm in Okinawa though so it's not really like mainland, a lot more shitty here. I went to the arcade once here and played P4 before it was once console, got my ass beat though :( I'm down to play, I'll check to see if you're online after work. my connection is pretty bad though, even with other japan players.

  5. Gil

    Do you still use the same gamertag? I'm down to mash with you on a CA-JP connection. It's usually not that bad compared to some of the connections I get from the Midwest. Seriously, it's kinda sad. And you're in Japan? I'm so jelly right not, not gonna lie. Have you had a chance to visit an arcade or stuff like that?

  6. Leaf

    I try to play it online but 360 seems dead and I'm living in japan right now so it's even more dead cause japs dont have 360s :(

  7. Gil

    Oh hey, it's been a while! Nice to hear from you, bro. Um, do you not play P4U or anything else in the meantime?

  8. Leaf

    waiting for chrono phantasma on consoles :(

  9. Gil

    where the heck are you?

  10. yooooooo just found out im going to kadena air force base in okinawa japan for my first duty assignment. time to beat on kaqn ggs to black guy across from my dorm room who bet me $50 i couldnt beat him at a first to 10 on melee and BB, nigga lost