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  1. General Mahouko, can you teach me all you know about the yo-yo glitch? Basic usage, finger movements, situational purposes, etc...

  2. Captain Braver! Mind pitching in your own ideas/thoughts/suggestions/complaints for the Bridget wiki? http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bridget Much appreciated.

  3. You wouldn't have happened to have seen this yet, have you? http://ohcphantasia.tumblr.com/ It was Ama's idea to name Mint after you.

  4. Nah, I'm in East Coast. And as a Chewbaki player, I do not love playing against anyone. Mainly because it's never in favor of Chewy haha

  5. Yeah, dat lag threw me off, too. And yeah, dat manly pink.

  6. I could be trolling, though...or I could be aiming for plain badassery. Either way, expect unblockable shenanigans, kara-throws, 5B mashing, and 2D gimmicks. No Ragna or Bang or Litchi is safe from the shit-tier strength.

  7. Oh, then you're gonna love me the next time I go SSJ4 modo. 6k-7k Install combos charging soon to a corner near you.

  8. Indeed. 5A >>> 5B and it makes no sense.

  9. What? Go where? Are you gonna give me some candy?

  10. The hat is gdlk. It can beat anyone in a staring contest haha

  11. Haha thanks. Your avatar is pretty cool, too. I had the full pic up as my wallpaper.

  12. Hm... Nope, the name Shino doesn't seem to ring a bell here. I'm clearly not darkninja_loki from MAL and you're clearly not a nazi.

  13. Haha I would shit bricks if Carl was actually a girl who just had a name change.

  14. Yeah, true. After all, they were also the people who made even the manliest of men gay with Bridget. Luckily, I wasn't one of them...

  15. I usually just spam Noel's 28D on the given moment and then link into the everyday air combo. And it's ironic how Noel fights in short range, but uses guns while Lambda/Nu fights in long range, but uses swords. I've always wondered why ArcSys had thought of that...

  16. Same here. I'm getting tired of Noel's basic-ness and Bang's "CS Top Tier-ness" and so I figured I should try out a new main. After seeing a few Tsubaki videos and hearing her theme songs, I immediately converted my loyalty from Noel towards Tsubaki haha.

  17. Haha while I'm already loyal towards Tsubaki, I still haven't gotten my hands on CS yet, though. But nevertheless, I'm a loyal Tsubaki scrub.