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  1. Sweet guide. But about 3P: "This move can avoid certain moves" is kinda vague. 3P has lower invul so it'll beat Slayer's 2H (BUT VERY RISKY!) and 2D. Also, Potemkin's slidehead ground bounce. Robo-Ky's 2K. Sol's 2D. etc Other than that, all that's left is how great her air-throw is, YOYO-Glitching, and YOYO-breaking (and how it can be used as a 1f jump secretly~) :D Also forgot about mentioning [5H] (5H held down) where you can hold the yoyo in place for a set amount of time. You can also hold the yoyo and still be able to roll. You can even do 236+D and 214+D while holding the yoyo in place.