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  1. LordPangTong

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    @papermarkis- Yes, the new auto combo is OMC-able. It is in fact the most common place where players are bursting the unblockable maragi setup. Haven't seen any JP Yukikos OMC'ing on reaction to burst there, however. If you hard bait without the reaction, the loss of damage would be huge. I'm pretty sure their mindset is that if anything, it will force the other person to use their burst after getting hit by 5AAA. @Etherlight- 5AA is jc-able, but I don't think 5AAA is. (No video has indicated so thus far) Some players do burst after 236D is input, but the 236D is active enough that it punishes the burst with it's second hit. Yukiko can't combo it obviously, but I think this may deter some people from bursting that point. On the note of Shadow Yukiko, I think the general consensus on her is that she's flat out inferior to regular Yukiko. Yukiko's new auto combo is an enormous buff because it leads to the unblockable setup that does large (and easy) damage. Plus, she has a burst to work with. Shadow goes back to the old auto combo, so she has no braindead unblockable to run. I have a hunch that she has untapped potential in shadow rampage mode that we haven't seen yet, but I don't know that it makes up for the loss of her unblockable in regular form. Luckily, I will soon be able to test her myself when I move to Japan in a little over a month.
  2. @Toronto Where's K2?! And what the heck. I already signed up for BB but I'll fraud it up in GG as well =D edit: Are we running P4U teams? We should. And it should be 3on3
  3. LordPangTong

    ECT V ASW Results and Shoutouts!

    This tournament was a ton of fun! Big shoutout to Daiandoh, Biscuits, LI Joe and everyone else on the staff who made the event run smoothly and possible! Another shoutout to Bibi and Sp00ky for streaming! Having top 4 on the big stage was hella hype. Level 5- Your Tsubaki was too ham for me. I gotta pay more attention to some chars in that game obviously haha. Tsunna- GGs in tournament and gratz on takin the BB tournament. Nasty Bang color too strong. Zealous- good job making top 8 man! Pretty cool seeing another Yukiko make it far =D Sucks we had to play a mirror on stream though. GGs! VR Raiden- great meeting you and fun tournament match. You'll qualify out of your pool next time I promise lol Grover- Why you so strong? Good stuff takin the P4U tournament Daiandoh- Yo, just so you know, abbreviation for Yukiko is (YK) and Rachel is (RC). As it is now, it looks like I play boring protag characters >=( Roku, Colpevole, Ril, Pochp and everyone else I saw over the weekend- great seeing you all again!
  4. This was one of the greatest tournaments I've ever attended. Hype levels were on par with NECX. Instead of giving 100 different shoutouts, I'll just do a few! Shoutouts to: Alan, and all other people on the staff. Tournament wouldn't have been possible or run as smoothly without you guys. To the Copabanana, because Tokyo Tea, no personal space, and that bar tender were godlike! To Canada in general. To all the people I played in tournament for MB/BB/P4U, good games!! It was great seeing faces old and new =D See you all at the next one!
  5. Last minute pre-reg ftw. See you all in P4U/BB! ...and MB? D=
  6. Lets goooo! At least 3 of us from NE are down
  7. Damnn wish I could make Skullgirls casuals but I'm working Saturday night =/ I'll show up to the next one and body everyone with Filia/Valentine =D
  8. Tell him I'm ready to rematch dat Bang. I have new tech learned at WB!
  9. So... anyone going to Why's this weekend? Not gonna bother showing up if there's no turn out
  10. Hey guys, look! The world is ending! http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/index.cgi?eid=556
  11. welcome to the threshold of hell.